do you eat in restaurants by yourself?

  1. never ever ever. i love to talk and if i had no one to talk to i dont think i could eat lol plus i feel so no one wants to spend time with me... even weirder then that when i see other people eatting alone i feel bad for them lol i just always need people around i guess
  2. oh no! Don't pity us! We're THRILLED to be alone sometimes!
  3. Eeep! I don't. Part of eating out is socializing for me. I'm not a big epicurean so if I don't have a buddy to eat with I just head for Taco Bell's drive-through. ;)
  4. marspalm, please don't feel bad for us! i have roommates, i work in a hypersocial place, i hardly ever get any time to myself and i absolutely relish an opportunity to NOT talk sometimes.
  5. I moved to a new country alone and I certainly got used to eating out by myself. I loved it....I took a book,chose a nice place and usually got excellent service. I still do it when my fiance is on a business trip .

    Sometimes while shopping I'll sit out on a terrace alone and people watch or read.

    Please don't pity is far sadder not to be able to enjoy your own company.
  6. When I lived in an apartment by myself I ate alone at nice, sit-down, restaurants all the time (several times a week for dinner). I got totally comfortable with it. I still eat out alone when I travel.
  7. I think it's awesome that so many of you are comfortable with your own company.

    As the old maxim goes, if you can't enjoy your own company, who can?
  8. I never do. I rarely eat out though, so when I do, I'd prefer to have company.
  9. Yes, & I usually sit at the bar .... drinks anyone?
  10. :hrmm: if you say so :biggrin:

    :lol: from now on when i see someone eatting by themselves i am going to think wow they are probably glad to be away from their kids/DH
  11. I imagine that's a great way to meet boys! Err, I mean, men. Must drop the college-girl lingo.
  12. EXACTLY!!!!!!!:yes:
    You'll see one day!;)
  13. LOL I think most of them never grow up so you were probably right the first time! :lol:
  14. AMEN!
  15. I like to people watch. I have heard people at the next table say, "I hope she realizes she is going to get fat if she does that a lot!!" (yep, my 100 pounds are definitely proving THAT theory). I started eating by myself when I moved to Europe by myself and didn't know anyone there. Since I can't cook, I had to go out!