do you eat in restaurants by yourself?

  1. just curious. i know for some people it's not a big deal and for others they -never- would.

    i do a lot. probably upwards of 2x a week. i don't cook, my hubby works odd hours, and i don't have a lot of friends in my town (they all live in the city). i loathe fast food, so it's almost always a sit down place. i just take a book and enjoy myself. i never feel like people are looking or judging me. maybe they are, but i don't really mind...i'm just hungry. :biggrin:

    so, do you?
  2. I have before I had kids and my husband worked later...I would take a magazine and relax. It was kind of nice, and I never cared what anyone thought.
  3. i'm quite comfortable eatting in sit-down restaurants alone. i think my freshman year in college did it to me - everyone's classes were at odd hours, so on the days that none of my friends were out of class when i was hungry, i'd starve if i didn't eat in the dining hall alone!

    i like to shop alone, and i hate food court food, so i eat alone in restaurants often in malls. i don't think anyone's judging me, i usually see at least a couple other people eatting by themselves.
  4. Yes, sometimes when I want to be alone, have lunch and read a nice book.
  5. I do in food courts, or deli's and things like that, but in restaurants it makes me uncomfortable. I'd need a stack of magazines.
  6. same!!! :yes:
  7. when i'm travelling alone i do, but otherwise not usually
  8. Yes I do!!!

    There used to be a time when I didn't because I felt embarassed. But def. not anymore :P
  9. Same here. When I go out to eat I prefer having GREAT conversation with my BF, friends or a family member, but if I'm travelling no worries there.
  10. I do.

    I used to do that more often while in college. So many of my friends were broke but I still wanted to try out the hot restaurants, so I'd go by myself. (Yes, sometimes I would invite my friends and pay for them but some of them started to expect it so I stopped....)
  11. I do that too...
    I really like it..sometime I like it too much
  12. haha, i do that sometimes. i'm the only one of my friends that works, so sometimes i pay just because i think it's nice of them to agree to go with me even though a dinner out comprises a fairly large chunk of their monthly stipend from their parents, at least compared to my paycheck. i don't ever offer until after they agree to go with me, though, because i don't want to deal with the psychological implications of having to bribe my friends to spend time with me :roflmfao:
  13. I don't like to eat alone...but I do like to shop alone.
  14. absolutely! In a home w/ 2yr old twins boys and a CHATTY 5 yr old little girl, not to mention my VERY CHATTY DH. . . I LOVE a nice lunch alone!
    Or dinner!
  15. yes i enjoy it! i usually do it when bf is out of town... me myself and i!good food, gossip mag.. i'm set!