Do you eat Fastfood foods?

  1. If you do, from which chain? McDonald, BK, Wendys, etc...
    If you dont, why? Is it because of the healthy issue or because you despise fastfoods?

    I personally made a choice of not eating fastfood foods anymore after reading the book "Fastfood Nation" :throwup: However, i still crave for the McDonald's fries sometimes and its bigmac....
    I eat POPEYES and CHIC-Fil-a sometimes, I don't really consider them fastfood. :yes:
    What about you?
  2. Nope. Not at all...but I should mention that I'm a vegetarian, so I simply can't. Having said that, Burger King in Canada has the best veggie burger and mozza sticks...neither of which they have here in the states. *boo! But when I go back in September, I'm having it for breakfast lunch and dinner! mmmm
  3. once in a blue moon as a treat. I can't believe some people actually make a regular diet out of it. I've always stayed away just because I personally don't like the taste of alot of fastfood items but the movie SuperSize Me certainly cured me forever.
  4. Since I committed myself to leading a healthier lifestyle in November 2005, I have been to Wendy's only twice. Each time, I only got a small cup of chili and a diet soda. Wendy's tends to have some better choices for healthy eaters than the other places such as their salads, baked potatoes, and chili. I definitely wouldn't make a habit of it though. I only went those two times, because the events of the day prevented me from making a meal and I was low on cash.
  5. The last time I had fast food was maybe 3 weeks ago. We were on a road trip and my hubby stopped at Wendy's. I had 1/2 of a double cheeseburger, shared fries with him and had 1/2 of a chocolate shake. YUM!!! I rarely eat fast food but sometimes I CRAVE it. And when I eat it, it's with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER! I noticed that I enjoy it soooo much, that I make those ummmmmm and ahhhhhhh sexy noises when I'm eating it!

    I know I'll be eating fast food again in a few weeks and I soooooo look forward to it! I'll be back in LA and LOVE Double Double's at In-N-Out Burger! That's my all time FAVORITE fast food restaurant! As soon as I get off the plane at LAX, I'll be tearing up the road to get there!
  6. ahh...I'm terrible...I eat fast food quite often. Mostly Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonalds & Chic-fil-a. I love Chic-Fil-a!! I don't know why but I really don't like to go to sit down restuarants b/c I don't like to be at one place for long..I like to go, go, go LOL!
  7. Ditto for me. Subway made a cool veggie patty sandwhich in Canada as well. I wonder why it doesn't trickle down to the states. :shrugs:
  8. I try to not eat alot of fastfoods but sometimes certain circumstances present themselves and you have no other choice but to eat out for the family usually goes to Burger King because it's the closest foodchain next to us.I usually just order a cheeseburger with no fries and just a diet soda to wash it all down.
  9. I don't- but if I have to for whatever reason I always get a sald and fries. I absolutely LOVE McDonald's fries- and I'm a big chic fil-a girl!! Love their stuff!!!!!
  10. Only if i'm really desperate - say going on a long journey and that is the only option available when I pull off the road. Otherwise no - reading fast food nation and seeing supersize me really put me off these mega corporations, quite apart from the health issue the way they treat their employees can be pretty awful.
  11. as far as fast food goes, In n Out is the healthiest! all natural ingredients.
  12. McDonald's is only second to Wal-Mart as the employer with the most employees on public assistance here in Wisconsin.
  13. Agree:yes: !
    I love In n Out. Too bad they don't have those in the East Coast. I love their fries. So yummy!
  14. In-N-Out! Wheeee!
  15. i go to subway every day for lunch. does that count? besides that, i go to togos about once a week.