Do you eat as well as you should?

  1. Weekend is hard for me to stay good because I'm at home and just lounging around. I used to go hike every weekend but not anymore :unsure:
  2. Check it out, I have been very impressed with it. It was exactly what I had been looking for for my kiddos. I kept saying to my husband, "Wouldn't it be great if they could put all the super veggies in a capsule, a la Star Trek." My daughter just turned 3, so she has the gummies. She takes 3 fruits in the morning and 3 veggies at night and she seems to really like it. It is fairly popular here in CO.
  3. Definitely not! I'm going to start eating healthy and exercise more soon. Seriously this time.
  4. umm, during the week, i think im ok.... eat 1 meat and 3 veg for dinner... but at work, im really bad - i'm always going to the snack box to get chips etc... its really cheap! i try and not bring change to work! i dont want to end up looking like a potato chip! during the weekend im ok - when i go out with friends etc... i always try and pick the healthly option. :smile:
  5. I'm pretty bad. I usually have only one meal a day. I can't eat until later in the day, usually around 2-3, so that's when the eating starts, I have my meal then and wait a few hours and then snack before bed. I usually go to sleep with a full stomach. gross. I'm beginning to feel motivation to start the change. haha
  6. This is basically what I've been doing for the past three weeks and have lost seven pounds as of today! I wasn't even really trying either! If you're only "bad" one or two days a week you can't possibly gain all the weight you have lost during the week (unless it's water weight) Now the take out food tempations are gone, I cook all meals during the week, I feel better because I have more energy and I feel like I'm being a better wife too. Works for me!
  7. As long as I exercise..I can eat whatever I want...But I do love a good salad!!..and once in a while,a good DONUT!!HEE!HEE!
  8. I have been making a huge effort to live a balanced,healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and a good balanced diet.

    As far as exercise goes,I go to the gym 3 times a week.

    I usually eat healthily....

    But....:shame: ....

    I've just been out to the supermarket and I not only bought a large tube of Pringles,but I also finished it....:shame: :shame: :shame:

    We never have crisps in the house since I'm a total must have been about 4 months since I last had them...and now...this:cry: ...

    Double gym for me tomorrow!!!:mad:
  9. I'm doing pretty well. I do not consume anything w/ simple sugars. I eat whole wheat pasta, LOTS of fruits/veggies and TONS of H2O. I worked out 6 dys/wk and cardio 5 dys/wk. No cream sauces or fatty cheeses for me. Also, absolutely no candy/choco of course but there are some great tasting sugar-free protein bars that are TDF at my local Henry's (like Trader Joe's). That's how I get my choco fix along w/ protein shakes and supplements. I take vit's every day which are a huge boost!

    I figure w/ all this self-discipline, I'll be able to watch my great-grandchildren grow up and maybe even teach them how to snowboard like I'll do w/ my own kids!!!
  10. I am very anal and I never buy junk food. The only time I may eat unhealthy is going out to eat, because you never know what is in the food. Usually I have natural, whole foods, such as wheat bread, veggies and fruits, and lots of lean protein. But I mean... now and then I splurge on a juicy steak or chili cheese fries. I still have to lose weight tho. My major weakness is chocolate, but I love dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants! Whee!
  11. I started my exercise again and had two servings of fruits today, so just keep doing more and I think, I will be changing for the better.. good luck to me for tomorrow...
  12. I am a pretty healthy eater, I just eat too much of it >_<;;
    As long as cheese and sweets stay away from me. They're evil!