Do you eat as well as you should?

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  1. Man I eat a lot of junk lately! I had fries and carrot juice for lunch and a burger for dinner :worried: . I'm 30 I need to do better! What about you guys?
  2. For awhile I was doing so well, not eating fat, and cutting down on the sweets. But, then I was laid off for 3 months, and being home alot has made it hard to behave. LOL I'm finally back to work, so hopefully, that will make it a little easier. I was soooo bad for dinner tonight, I had hotwings and french fries! I'm going to have to run an extra mile on the dang treadmill. :o)
  3. I hear you! For the past couple of years, I have been really bad to myself. Last November, I decided to take better care of myself. I was noticing things that never happened to me before, e.g. cellulite, weight gain, spotty skin, being tired all the time, etc....

    Now I have been watching what I'm eating more and avoiding overly processed foods, and drinking more water, I have a lot more energy and definitely have a better sense of well-being, not to mention my skin is a lot better too. I still fall off the wagon every now and then, but I end up feeling physically ill aftewards. Hopefully, I can stick with these changes and be healthier for them.
  4. Definitely not. I love junk food, especially sweets and vinegar flavoured savouries, like chips. Most of my friends aren't as bad as I am, for sure.
  5. NO and it stinks! I have NO willpower!
    DH and I eat out all the time, that's a really bad habit and SO hard for us to break!
  6. Same as Swanky! Restaurant food is sooooo much better than home food! mmmmm quesadillas with extra cheese and sour creme..... *drool*... hot wings..... *slobber*
  7. not really, its mostly restaurant food for me all day every day. breakfast, lunch, dinner is restaurant or fast food. I dont like eating at home. :biggrin:
  8. Actually, I am telling myself that starting tomorrow I will get back on track! I usually eat really well, but lately I have been so lazy and behind in life that I eat out every meal. Eating out is not all that healthy for the post part... yikes! So I just scarffed down candy and brownies awaiting my "new" start tomorrow-- go figure
  9. It's always a work in progress. Eat much better than I used to, and try to remember to take all the supplements. . . but I know I should get more vegetables and more water. . . .
  10. i sort of eat ok. i'm having lagasna now, so that's not too good, BUT if you have small pieces it's ok. hehe. moderation right? i'm trying to get into organic foods. i've tried some, and surprisingly it actually TASTES really good! i should really hit the gym. i'm 25, and i should start getting into better habits~!
  11. I think I gravitate towards healthier foods, but find it easier, after a long day at work, to eat something "simple" - which usually means junk food. I've had a particularly bad week (long hours) and have eaten really greasy foods. I wish that I have more time so that I can actually cook and eat healthy.
  12. I eat well during the week. I always bring my lunch to work, eat oatmeal every morning, and buy lots of fruits, vegetables and healthy food at the grocery store.

    The weekends, however, are a different story :shame: As I type this I am eating Chinese takeout - an egg roll, shrimp fried rice and those fried noodle things, and drinking wine. So good :love: Friday night and Saturday are usually my damage-doing nights, Sunday I'm back on track.
  13. lets see, today I had an egg mc muffin for breakfast with about 84 oz. of coffee and for lunch I had a beef burritto with cheese and a small plate of nachos. for desert, a small bag of famous amos chocolate chip cookies.
    but thats okay - the diet coke burned all the fat away!!!:lol:

    so I would have to
  14. not really...i work nights 7p-7:30am. when i get home from work, i usually just go to sleep, or have some toast or something small if i'm really hungry. i usually wake up around 3, have dinner around 5, then leave for work at 6:15. on the days i'm working i usually eat only once a day. then i snack on junky stuff at work.
  15. I need to eat alot better.