Do you duplicate your handbags?

  1. I have the Ferragamo Marisa in black and love it. Love it so much that I'm considering the ivory...but that verges on overkill to me. I don't consider it in the same league as, say, a Chanel flap, but that could be my own hang-up. WDYT?
  2. I think if you love it, then go for it! It would only be overkill if you didn't love it.
  3. Does this answer your question? If you love it go for it!!!!

  4. LOL thanks for the pic! your dawg is so cute :p

  5. I dont have any "repeat" bags....yet. I love my Spy bag so much and I cant wait to get another. I just bought my first City bag (I'm so excited) and I'm sure I'll want another of those too! I say go for it! When you find a bag you love you can never have enough~
  6. If you love it, go for it! I have 3 LV speedy bags and love them all!!!
  7. go for it...if you do like it // i do the same things for long time....sometimes i try to get same leather for different shape...sometimes i do buy same shape for different i like them so much ...

    and most important is i could use them more often than others...:graucho:
  8. You should go for it!

    I just found the matching twin to my large ivory Ferragamo tote, I found a black one just like it and I got it saturday! :}
  9. Totally go for it! I have 3 LV speedies, 2 LV papillon bags, and 2 LV Pochettes.
  10. There's some other threads about this....
    If you love a bag, why not? I have several duplicates: 3 Kale Palmers, 2 cole haan satchels, 2 Gustto Bacas. If you'll use them, it's worth it.
  11. I never thought I would duplicate, but now I have two RM morning afters and two Botkier Biancas. If you love it, go for it:tup:
  12. Yes, I have 2 HH Havana hobos, 2 Balenciaga City bags, and 2 Balenciaga giant hobos (although I may only keep one).
  13. Yep, I not only duplicate, I triplicate. I have three Kooba Siennas. And if you go into the Kooba forum, you'll find some of the members have been afflicted to an even greater degree. One of the ladies actually owns 8 Siennas! :lol: And I believe Balenciaga ladies love to get their bags in a rainbow of colours.

    I think the Marisa is beautiful. You should definitely get another if you love it that much. :yes:
  14. I definitely duplicate!:tup: I'm very picky about my bags, so when I find a style I like, I will definitely purchcase multiple colors. I could never pick just one color for a Balenciaga bag style.:graucho:
  15. I'd go for it! I have 2 LV MC in black & one in white.