Do You Duplicate Tano Colors?

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  1. I was wondering if any of you buy Tano bags in different styles but the same color? For example, if you love blueberry or grape so much that you have it in more than one style? :yes:
  2. I have not ever bought the same color Tano. I admit to being a freak for Tano's blues but I don't buy the same blue over and over. In fact, I felt blueberry was close enough to blueprint to skip it this fall.

    (I likely will not be able to resist Berry Blue and Hawaiian Blue for Spring however!!!!!!!)

    BUT since I have a blueprint Boogie I'll likely not buy a Boogie in any of the new blues.
  3. But have you ever onsidered buying a bluberry minilisa or getting warmer?
  4. I try not to repeat colors or prints in any of my designer bags. I have considered it...but I try not to. I dunno though....never say never, lol!
  5. I only own one bag in the colors I like. I also skipped blueberry this season because I picked up a blueprint VVGG before the fall items came out... TE told me blueberry would be deeper but I actually didn't want that so I got the blueprint. HOWEVER... this season may be my first duplicates in color... I adore raspberry and have a feeling I'm going to love grape as well (grape minilisa will be here soon!). I also want a grape up close and personal (I think) but we'll see. This is my first time to repeat a bag style as well (two minilisas) but I love it and a hobo is a basic style.
  6. I take that back...I do repeat if the bags are considerably different in size. Like I might get a large hobo or hand-carry bag and then a small pochette type bag in the same color/print.
  7. I just ordred my Flashbulb Flurry yesterday and I hovered over blueberry for about 1.2 seconds. And then bought raspberry.

    My train of thought was I have nothing that resembles raspberry so I didn't need to try blueberry.

    Does that make any sense? haha

    For S'08 I bought a pool Baby Daddy. When pool Speed Demon's went on sale I had one cued up and my pointer hovering over "Add Item To Cart". And could never pull the trigger.

    So I guess the answer is, really, no. I don't duplicate colors.
  8. I can't bring myself to duplicate colors! I have a raspberry Boogie and I wanted to get my Minilisa in the raspberry SO BAD but I just couldn't do it. So I got truffle. :tup:
  9. I would if I could afford it :sad: Raspberry is so beautiful!
  10. My gut reaction to your question is no. But I sure am tempted over and over!!
  11. I duplicate bags and try not to duplicate colors (except black and brown). I have 2 blue Tanos that are close but totally different in style. I will more than likely duplicate grape because I love it though!
  12. I try not to duplicate colors. Better to try a new color
  13. The raspberry color is so gorgeous I could see myself duplicating that color in different style bags. :smile:
  14. If I like a style I will purchase it twice but in different colors.
    I have not duplicated colors even with different styles in Tano
    yet but who is to say that I won't. I love the grape color so much
    that I could see myself getting another Grape Bag.
    I am trying to have a wide variety of Tano's. For this season I have a Grape Minilisa so far. I will most likely get a blueberry in some style this season or some type of blue velvet leather as I do not have a Tano Blue yet. I do have these styles in Tano thus far.

    Lawn Green Boogie Bucket
    Brusciatto Brown Voodo with Luxor trim
    Drizzle Gray Goody Messenger
    Card Carrier Messenger in Brown Lenoir Leather
    Grape Minilisa
  15. I am considering a Butane Jane in truffle as another laptop bag and that will be my first Tano color repeat (truffle minilisa is coming as we speak!).