Do you dress up when you go to the boutique?

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  1. I live in India and there are only 2 boutiques in the country. One in Bombay and one in New Delhi. I dont live in either these cities. The other day, I went to Bombay to meet someone. I left really early in the morning cause I had to catch the afternoon flight back home, it was much easier for me to be in sweatpants and sneakers. I didnt even plan on going to LV, but I ended up and the SA TOTALLY snubbed me!! Normally when I go to Delhi, I dress up and visit the LV and Dior boutiques cause they're located side by side and everyone treats me like a queen.
    So, what I wanted to know do you feel that you are treated differently when you dress up to go to the boutique or even shopping in general? You know as opposed to wearing sweats?
  2. They do treat people differently when they're not dressed up (but that's just my opinion!). I noticed that when I am not dressed up and go to LV, the security guards watch me like hawks (making me feel VERY uncomfortable). But once they see me walking out with a brown bag, they can't stop wishing me a good day! LOL
  3. I am usually dressed somewhat nicely in general, so I never go looking like a slob.

    I would make sure to carry one of my LVs too.
  4. No ...never ....we have a very relaxed lifestyle here due to the weather and I don't feel the need to ever dress up when visiting LV or infact anystore:yes:
  5. I look A LOT younger than my age (some say, about 10 years younger) so sales assistants usually think I'm a schoolgirl or something LOL So I take it easy when they behave a bit strange. However I try to visit LV with my mother haha ;)
  6. I don't
  7. I will usually dress up along with my LVs...hahhaha
  8. I have only gone to Saks one time to purchase LV. I wore city shorts and a matching top and carrired my mandarin jasmine. I always wear my diamond and gold jewelry (I am a product of the 80s.) In my opinion, I did not dress up.
  9. Wow Olgavd, you're sooooooo lucky you look 10 years younger :nuts: . I'm on the other side of the spectrum, I'm 25 and I look 30 :crybaby:
  10. i don't
    i just wear something comfortable
  11. I usually dressed up when I go shopping especially to upscale boutiques. But I think it all depends on what the definition of "Dressed" is to the individuals , maybe to some slipping into designer jeans is dressed but to some in expensive dresses is dressy. I wear R&R and Sevens with LV and that's dressed. haha.
  12. I kinda do dress up when i go shopping :biggrin: but last night, i didn't wear any make ups~ SAs were still quite nice :smile: i was happy
  13. I don't.. but maybe it's different and the SAs in those boutiques are used to people coming dressed up ?
  14. I will go casual but nice/ casual. I try to make sure I don't look like a slob...but for the most part when I go shopping I am in jeans and boots or something.
  15. Same here.