Do you dress up when going into boutiques/Saks/NM?

  1. There is a similar thread in LV, but I wanted to see what everyone does!! :lol:

    Do you dress up or not when going into boutiques, NM, or Saks??

    awww no one answered... maybe this needs to be moved to the general discussion?
  2. no what you see is what you get

    i'm usually shopping in a denim skirt, a long sleeve tshirt, a converse hoodie and a beret

    but then again i don't have the guts to go into the boutiques just the high end department stores

    guts isn't the right word more like i don't want to tease myself if i'm not buying
  3. dress up per se not really but that's only because I am always dressed up when I'm leaving my house. I'm only really casual when I go to the gym other than pretty much always in a suit, slacks, shoes, purse etc.
  4. Not really. Just polo and jeans.
  5. yeah, slacks, nice blouse and my bag... n yeah, shoes too.. (I try my hardest to match my clothing though).. and they respond differently I noticed when I am more dressed up than when I am more "pathetic" looking as my bf had labelled it...
  6. Don't really "dress up", but I would probably give it a thought, and avoid the most casual look - as I have noticed a very BIG difference in the service you get, depending on how you are dressed. Sadly enough! But it is also a question of attitude, maybe 50% how you're dressed and 50% attitude (in my experience).
  7. It depends on the store. For example, with Neiman Marcus, no one there has ever been nice to me so I browse in casual clothes but I refuse to buy anything. At Louis Vuitton, the people there have been nice to me no matter how I've been dressed. At Marc Jacobs, you have to dress up because their sales associates judge you.
  8. I dress as normally would during my mall outing.
  9. The biggest mistake SAs or anyone else for that matter can make is judge someone's wealth by their clothes. The wealthiest people I know would never want anyone to know that they are. They are very unassuming.
  10. Nope. Whatever I dress stepping out of the house, that's it. I don't go out sloppy looking though.
  11. No I don't dress up at all. I usually wear jeans & a t-shirt w/ my little express hoody. Even dressed like that I still get great service.
  12. i would dress up moderately e.g. i don't wear sneakers when going into high end boutiques. jeans are ok though :smile:
  13. I'd dress up only if I'm getting my hair done (so I'd look smashing afterwards) or if I'm going out afterwards. Otherwise, I dress for comfort and practicality when I'm shopping. I think some stores/SAs do base their service on one's outward appearance, which is their loss. But I also see a lot of tourists in t-shirts and shorts (and not particularly fashionable) at high-end stores and they seem to get ok service.
  14. Word. SAs should have known better after watching Pretty Woman. :lol:

    As for me, I wear my usual outfit when I shop, whether it's high end or Target. Heck, I don't even wear make up! But then again, there aren't that many high end stores around here.
  15. yep, I don't try to impress anyone. I shop to spend money:biggrin: