Do you dress up to go to the Hermes store?

  1. Hi there! I have been lured by this forum and I would love to buy a charm and possibly later (after saving for a while) get a Birkin. I am a bit scared to go to the store--afraid that the SA's will be checking out my clothes and all, and I could use to lose some weight--working on it!
    Do you dress up to go to Hermes? I probably shouldn't go in jeans, but CA is a very casual dressing place and I don't really wear suits and all.

  2. Well, once your known it doesn't matter what you wear because they know your a good customer. I generally think that boutiques are nicer to those whom are dressed up. if you have an office job, why not go during lunch or after work. I don't think you really need to dress up as such, just clean like you would go shopping to your nearby mall. (Or maybe thats just me)

    ETA: Jeans are perfectly acceptable, in fact 8/10 times i will wear jeans. I would suggest that your don't wear tracky dacks or gym gear.
  3. Yes, you can wear jeans, no problem. Just look neat and put together, it doesnt matter what shape you are. Your best accessory is a smile, after all.

    They really dont look you over, at least not in my experience, and I have seen some VERY casual shoppers where I am. They just seem to look right past it.
  4. Sometimes I go in there in jeans, sometimes I dress up...just depends on the weather, and what I feel like, and what I expect to be buying, etc.

    Oh and also it depends on whether I'm going to the particular store that has the HOT male SA. :graucho:
  5. Hi Basilicali!

    Welcome to the most addictive forum on tPF! :smile:

    The first time I took myself out to "H", I made sure I looked nice--but not like I was trying to hard! Nice coat, nice shirt, dark jeans, good shoes, and simple but, excellent Jewelry. It made a difference. The SA's were very nice and I distinctly felt the check-out. In fact, on SA eyed my rings very carefully...but, I passed the test and have been a happy customer ever since!

    I'm kidding! There is no test! Just go, be confident, and enjoy yourself. The SA's are very low key and don't usually harrass you--some people take this to be poor service...I like to think of it as under-stated service. If there is something in particular you are looking for, speak up and they will gladly assist you! If you find you like the SA you are dealing with, ask for their card, and make a point to see them the next time you visit!

    Have fun! That' the important thing!
  6. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart... or maybe my own SA. :p Well, I'm happy to share - as long as it's not a bag. ;)
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  8. No, I just wear what I normally dress in and , like Cynthia said, a nice smile is always appreciated.
  9. you mean the manager on broad street?
  10. This is a good thread. My usual attire is just this side of being too casual.
    For my first visit to a H boutique (in 2008, I hope!) I'd like to wear something pulled together and nice. Like ATG said, the key is don't try too hard. Just be yourself. :smile:
  11. shh!!!! I don't need every woman in here going after my man!!! :roflmfao: :wlae:
  12. :love: he is very cute
  13. Rose you always look wonderful and ladylike and tres chic. They should pay you to hang out:smile: I was at the Bev Hills boutique several months ago when this woman came in wearing torn clothes, coffee stained shirt, and she was dirty. She was trying to exchange a scarf and so was trying on new ones for the exchange. I was stupefied! I wouldn't have let her touch a thing, but the SA acted like it was perfectly normal to have someone who looked like this come in an handle $$$$ scarves! Glad I had made my selections and didn't have to take anything she had handled:yucky:

    BTW, my feeling is that when you go shopping you should try to look really nice because nothing you try on will look good otherwise!
  14. Yes, that's him. OMG he is GORGEOUS!!! And NO he is not gay--he's actually married and just had a new baby. :nuts:
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