Do you "dress up" for you Birkin/Kelly?


Apr 28, 2006
I'm not sure if another thread was started on this topic or not...but I am wondering if you purposely "dress up" for your Birkin/Kelly or not?
A few days ago I was in Birmingham, MI and saw two women at different times really dressed up wearing their black 35cm Birkins w/gold hardware. One had a leopard-like coat with a huge diamond ring and the other lady was tall, thin and looked like she just had botox put in her lips and was saying "look how much I spent". :yucky:
Anyway...earlier that day I saw outside of NM a gorgeous Rouge H Birkin 35cm w/gold hardware being worn by a nice casually dressed woman who resembled a nice Laura Bush type and the Birkin at that point didn't look ostentatious and threatening. :yes:
Where was Jag and Coco-nut to see all this Birkin excitement!:yahoo:
Just curious if you have any opinions about this.
When I get my JPG Kelly I know I will dress nicely when I wear it. But for day I'd wear it with white button down shirt/dark jeans/ heels/ pearls...something like that not anything flashy. I think the HW on the Kelly and Birkin kind of speaks for itself so I'd keep everything else simple. :shrugs:
But whenever I wear my H bag I tend to want to look a little more put together so I feel "deserving" of such a beautiful bag. ;)
Wow! Lucky you for spotting three birkins on the same day! Where I live the only birkins I'm likely to see are mine.

I don't take any extra special care to dress particularly well when I wear my birkins/kellys, but now that you mention it, I was thinking the other day that since I've started carrying them, I've been wearing certain clothes in my closet more than others. In my head I suppose I've subconsciously divided the clothes that I feel (on me) go well with those bags (this is actually a wide range of clothes ranging from casual to more formal) from the ones that just don't (tracksuits, hiking boots, a goretex anorak, for example).

That said, the birkins and kellys are pretty versatile bags that can complement a great range of personalities. In Paris there are birkins and kellys on the arms of scores of women from different socioeconomic strata with different taste in clothes and lifestyle priorities, just like (I'm presuming) the women you saw in Birmingham.
^^thanks for sharing gina! I know I'd love to travel to Paris and just people watch. I remember seeing a pic (can't remember who) of a celebrity wearing her jeans and sweat top sporting a vintage black 32cm croc Kelly and it looked fantastic! So I think a tracksuit would look fun with a Kelly/Birkin.
I wear them with everything, but as a general rule, I never wear "too casual" clothes, or things that would be considered sloppy out anywhere. I may wear a nicely put together track suit or something like that once in awhile if I'm having "one of those days." Even then, I have on a diamond tennis bracelet and my hair is fixed and makeup on.
I seem to be always in jeans and I think nothing is better with jeans, cute shoes and a simple top than a fab H bag!
Very nice, Tea! I have been known to go through periods of not wearing makeup or doing my hair and I realized that I don't feel very good when I ignore those things... Kelly makes me stand a little straighter, so I do find that I try a little harder for her, which is really for me, which is how it's supposed to be!
^ exactly. Taking time for myself makes me feel good. I'm a SAHM and it's easy to fall into the trap of just not making an effort.
Love your Twilly, BTW! I have the same one. :smile:
I tend to make an extra effort but when I'm really dressing down I'll use my Trim instead of my Kelly's or Birkin. Sorta goes more with my sneakers, jeans and sweatshirt look.....kwim?

Today though I had to go into SF so I wore my big, black cashmere coat and my red leather gloves. This was a conscious effort to wear something different instead of the "same old things" I took Caramel Chevre out for a little spin and she looked kinda swanky with the red gloves.... :yes:
Hmmm...well, I am either in work clothes which is some sort of pantsuit, or, on the weekend I am in jeans--both Birkin-friendly outfits for the most part. I don't really carry the Kellys or other bags as much, except maybe a garden party on the weekends....
I don't really do hair or makeup. The only time I will dress up for a Birkin is if I am going to the mothership. And then even that is pretty tame...a clic clac bracelet and Louboutins with pants. I usually have an H scarf handy but skip it at the last minute.
I don't dress up for my birkins but do wear coordinated casual things. Plus I tend to wear jewelry and watch in keeping with the bag even in tshirts and sweats. I always love the "second look" people give me when they see my birkin to check the rest of me out. :smile: