Do you dress up for New Years?

  1. I usually put on something simple, yet nice. This year I am going down on Fremont street(Las Vegas) and will be outside, freezing my arse off, so I think Im just going to put on some jeans, boots and a nice button up with a vest(you know the small vests?? God Im so unstylish lmao!). I will end up covering up the top with my coat anyway. But, I have a friend who is usually in tennis shoes and a cute sweater. She never dresses up, and I must admit, she looks so comfy and warm...Im a little jealous lol.
    So, do you dress up? Where do you plan on going?

    I will be wearing something like this...

    with jeans and boots.
  2. Hi Val!!!

    I RARELY do anything for New Year's, and I'm so casual most of the time I think last year I wore a Vneck turquoise sweater (it was thin and smooth, not like a chunky knit kind), white tank under, and jeans. We were inside a house the whole time so I had my shoes off cause that was the rule. So it wasn't really anything big, usually when things like this come up and I worry about them and stress about what I'm going to wear, I find that I'm usually the only one doing that! LOL.

    ETA: that vest looks adorable, if you have something like that I bet it will be fab!

    Now of course the important question: what BAG are you going to carry?
  3. I didn't to anything last year but this year we're gonna to this big hotel party!! It's gonna be a very fashion forward crowd. I still haven't found a dress. Of course my BF is like just one wear of the 50 dress you have in the closet:rolleyes: . Boys.
  4. You are not unstylish. That vest is so adorable. I think New Years Eve is such a fun night to dress extra special. As for your friend, she may look comfy, but I would rather be the one looking cute!
  5. A little..I usually wear a cute top, jeans and heels.
  6. i dont know where im going for new years this year LOL but i know what im going to wear LOL im only 18 yr old guy so, yeah im going to wear
    Black Ed Hardy shirt with white writing
    Grey Smet by Christian Audiger zip up jacket
    and i was going to wear the burberry scarf i got but im returning it :sad:
  7. Probably be going somewhere, will be a surprise as usual from DH... I always dress up with and without excuse, I fear the waste of my wardrobe. ;)
  8. Usually I wear a casual party dress..nothing very fancy. This year my family is having a more fancy party so I am wearing a full length Nicole Miller dress. I just purchased it from Saks and got it tailored so it shows my new CL Lady Gres. I like the more casual look though. Nice cashmere sweater+7FAM dark wash skinny jeans+heels is good for me :yes:
  9. Everyone sounds like they will look FAB!

    Probably just a wristlet, if anything at all. Shoulder to shoulder crowds make me nervous lol!
  10. I love that blouse/vest look!!!!

    i like to wear a dress for new years....i bought one from club monaco this year but I can't post the pic from their website!
  11. It would depend on where I'm going, but unless you are going to some dressy party I don't see why you couldn't wear that.
  12. I'm going to dress up a little, but it'll depend a lot on the weather cause I'm in Chicago! I'm thinking a cute dress, with tights and long boots.
  13. i've never really celebrated new year's but the vest would be really cute with jeans and boots
  14. I'd love to, I have a Lewis Cho dress that I'm DYING to wear somewhere, and would be perfect for winter cuz it's got sleeves. But I don't have plans yet. =( Waiting for someone to invite me to a fancy party!
  15. I think that New Years is a great time to dress up, cos you're gonna be with your friends, family and most importantly, taking loads of pictures. It's New Years, so why not go a little out there? It's more fun and start the year with a blast!