Do you donate blood?

  1. I really want to donate blood but I am scared it will hurt or I faint or something. No one I know has done it before and my mother really discourages me cause she's afraid I'll catch something in the hospital :push:. But I think since blood is a replaceble recourse and it can save someone's life, why not give it? Do you guys have any experience with donation?
  2. I gave blood in my senior year of high school. It was really painful for me and i had a huge bruise that made it hurt to move my arm for a couple of days. I'm talking huge! But I don't regret it! :biggrin:
  3. I have thalassemia minor (a form of anemia), so I don't have enough blood as it is. And no one wants my blood... :wtf:
  4. It's not usually painful at all! Just a little prick as the needle goes in. I sometimes get bruises afterwards, but it's not painful! You'll roll a tube in your hand during the process, to keep the circulation might feel a bit tingly or numb in the hand while it's happening, but afterwards that goes away immediately. It only takes about 10-15 minutes, my center has a TV on, so the time flies! When you're finished, there's a little commisary area with snacks. You'll sit there for 15 minutes or so, drinking juice or water, and eating raisins, sweets, or popcorn (for free!). Then you're good to go!

    They take great care for sterilization...when you give blood for tests, does your mom think you'll get ill? :nogood:

    Make sure you're hydrated...once I went in after a long, hot day of continuous iced tea blood clotted during the process, so it was a waste! Oh, they'll also check your iron level first, to make sure you have enough. Try to eat oatmeal, or something rich in iron, the day you go.

    I cannot say enough about blood donation. To think that something so simple, which takes so little time, could actually save's a great feeling! :tup:

    I forgot...there is a weight limit, somewhere around 95 pounds or so.
  5. :wtf::wtf::wtf: is this normal or were you just unfortunate?
  6. But you can give a bit of money or something. THat's what I think I do after all the horror stories I heard.
  7. I think it's 110 pounds actually. That's why I can't donate blood, I don't weigh enough. I wish I could.
  8. Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. :heart:

    Obviously I've never needed to worry I was in the too-thin-to-give-blood catagory! :nogood::shame::roflmfao:

    There are other things you can do, hun!
  9. thanks for the info fabgrabs! You eased my worries a bit. My mom knows, of course, about blood tests but I do all tests in private clinics and you can only give blood in public ones.
  10. I'm glad I could help! Of course you should be aware of your surroundings...but I seriously doubt a blood clinic would be can always ask the practitioners there about the equipment if it would make you feel better! :heart:
  11. I would love to donate blood but I am unable to with my piercings/tattoos and I'm below weight requirement. =(
  12. I'd love to, but I always faint and get sick the rest of the day, sometimes even the next day, so to me it's not worth the hassle sort of. :sad:
  13. I think it happens to some people but not most. She had a hard time finding my vein..

    Yeah the weight requirement is 110. They didn't believe me on how much I weighed and made me get on the scale..made me feel pretty good lol
  14. I've never given blood since I wasn't allowed due to their regulations
  15. same