Do you document your collection?

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  1. Such as taking photos and or writing down numbers? Just in case your house is robbed or something?
  2. This was asked recently:smile: You can do a search!:smile:
  3. Thanks!
  4. No problem! I know there are posts about spread sheets and such:smile:
  5. A ha!! This one can be closed if need be thanks again! I missed that one I guess.
  6. My house was robbed in May of this year, thankfully all of my Coach was stored in the brown gift boxes so they didn't know what they were. But since then I have photographed all of my bags and stored them at an online photo sharing site. When our house was robbed they stole our computers and our external hard drives. So I would recommend storing this information in a place such as google docs, photobucket, or something else that will best fit your needs.
  7. Polaroids and a notebook.
    One day, I will make a scrapbook of my lovelies. LOL!
  8. Closing since there are several tPF threads on this already...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.