do you do the cooking in your home?

  1. my SO is incompetent in the kitchen, really. he told me he would cook for me tonight and hes been and got something ready made from the supermarket. he even foned me while he was there and asked me what to buy because he didnt have a clue.
    are any of you blessed with an SO who cooks?
  2. My SO and I take turns..every other day..when we get lazy we make frozen skillet meals..other days we make a good home cooked all depends on our mood.
  3. My dh has never cooked in the past 5 years that we have been married, and when I say he has never cooked I mean he hasn't even warmed anything in the microwave to eat. And, if I am not at home he just won't eat! He is really pitiful, but I guess it is my fault because I let him get away with it!
  4. Nope..and I like it that way.
  5. I cook about 98% of the time and my DH does the 2%. He can make eggs (but he always splatters some on the stovetop), macaroni & cheese (from the box), grilled cheese sandwiches, and sometimes his pasta & bean soup which I improved on and now he likes mine better! :p
  6. SO isn't allowed to cook in my kitchen, he breaks/burns/ruins every pot/pan/dish/glass item I have! The guy was apprenticed to a caterer for 3 years and made it into Johnson & Wales, yet he HORRIFIES me in the kitchen, lol. He's okay with desserts though, but no cooking!
  7. I do all the cooking in my house , my mother hates to cook , so I cook since I enjoy it . My father and sister should never be allowed to touch a stove . I have a limited amount of things that I can eat because of stomach issues , so it is easier if I know what excatly goes into my food . Plus my mother never seasones stuff enough , she will make hamburgers and totally forget to add salt or any seasoning ! So the stuf is way too bland , I love to have lots of flavor so I season with a lot of differnt things to enhance the flavor of the food .
  8. My boyfriend and I cook together pretty much every night. I think its so much fun to find new recipes and try new dishes out with him :smile:
  9. My fiance is great in the kitchen!

    I've never seen him use a recipe. He just goes to the store and buys the ingredients and puts together the greatest meals! And he makes it look so easy! Salmon, fajitas,'s all fab.
  10. Yes.
    NO ONE is allowed to cook in MY kitchen except for me! :amuse:
    DH bbq's.
  11. I do all the cooking while dh keeps me company in the kitchen
  12. I love to cook but hate doing the dishes. So when I do cook, my SO does the dishes (good at it and doesn't mind).
  13. my DH would make bbq and cornbread every day if you let him LOL

    I usually cook but lately I've been hit with severe nausea so we've been eating out a lot more :sad:
  14. I'm a stay at home mom and do all the cooking. When I was pregnant with one of my kids, I came down with bronchitis. So my husband had to make dinner for the other kids. I had made sauce and he needed to cook the pasta. So he filled up a big pot with cold water and put in the he's Italian, I KNOW that at some point in his life he watched someone put the pasta into the boiling water. He meant well though :smile: I have boys and I let them help in the kitchen and teach them recipes "Your future girlfriend/wife will think this is so cool that you can make this for them".
  15. Hubby does the meat dishes, bbq, roast chicken, burgers... (you know - guy stuff). Me the rest.
    He once did the one dessert he knew... Disaster, looked like a puppy's vomit.