Do You Do Pole Dancing?

  1. I am recenlty have this passion on pole dance! It is not easy but I do not mind to keep practise more.
    It makes me feel sexy, and also train my muscles.

    Thinking to buy a dance pole myself to set up in my room.....
  2. I'd love to do that!!! :nuts: It looks like so much fun.

    But sadly there's no place around here that offers lessons and I don't have any place for a "private pole" in my appartment :crybaby:
  3. I am dying to try this! Weirdly enough my bf isn't into it, but I am just amazed at the crazy bodies that real strippers have - they are so strong!
  4. I really want to, but at the time, it wasn't "mainstream".
    Since the "S" factor is in San Franciso, I should look into it. :p
  5. I have my own pole but sadly I'm kind of lazy about teaching myself things and actually using it. The newness has worn off. I wish there was an actual studio around here. It would be so much easier to learn tricks with an actual person there teaching me and showing me.
  6. i was about to post a new topic about this but decided i'd bump this one instead.

    i just started taking classes about 2 months ago and i love it! i just bought my own pole recently and have been trying to get in some time to practice. i need lots of motivation to work out so this really helps since it's really fun.

    anyone else into pole dancing?
  7. oh, please try and motivate me! I still am so lazy about getting on my pole much.

    And the other day my mom had to let the air conditioning repairman in to work on my HVAC and he saw my pole and asked her if I was a stripper. My mom is so prudish and she seemed really embarassed!
  8. Hey jMy friends and I just started taking classes and it's so fun! I was just wondering where you guys got your poles and what brand? I heard there's a brand that makes really crappy ones but I forgot which one it was..
  9. It looks like so much fun! I'd love to learn, but my husband is pretty conservative so I don't think he'd be much into it. Can y'all do the upside-down business any everything?
  10. I'm thinking of learning! Does it really work as exercise tho? I hate treadmills but need to lose some fat around the tummy :p
  11. I haven't tried it but I admit I want to!!!
  12. my best friend did it and said it did wonders for her butt... said she never had such toned thighs in her life too...
    so its gotta be good- plus im sure the SO wouldnt mind right ;)
  13. Yeah, I can do a basic invert and hang upside down. I honestly feel weird dancing in front of anyone else. When I lived with my ex I would only pole dance when he wasn't at home. And quite often it's not very glamorous trying to learn new things. You get a lot of bruises and fall and stuff.

    Hell yeah it works as exercise! I got on my pole for five minutes yesterday after reading this thread and I was huffing and puffing like an old woman about to have a heart attack.

    I really need to figure out a way to movitate myself to do it. I was thinking maybe I'll start saving a certain amount of money for every time I pole dance to get myslef in the habit or maybe make myself do it at least five or ten minutes every night. Once I start I end up having fun but it's just that motivation part to start that I lack. I only wish we had a studio locally I could take lessons from.
  14. i did a class once, it was tons of fun and a really good workout!! but they are £20 per class and that's a LOT of money to spend on one workout class

    surprisingly enough my bf was really anti and didn't want to hear about anything i learned
  15. i go to class once a week. it's 250 for an 8 week session which is pretty expensive but not as expensive as pole is an x-pole. it was about 320 after shipping. it's a tension pole so it's totally removable but very sturdy. i can't climb or do any inverts yet. i can only do a couple of pole tricks. it's still good exercise though. practicing tricks isn't exactly the sexiest but when i get better, i'll show the bf. however, when i told him about it, he really wasn't into the whole thing either. oh well.