Do you do crazy playful things with your S/O?

  1. Yesterday when DH and I came from dinner we both fell asleep it was only about 8, so at around 9 I woke and tryed waking him but he kept :sleepy: so I then said to him hey wake up! its only 9 I can't sleep so early or my sleep all night will be ruined :rant: then I said "wake up and play with me" :shame: :blush: He said "woman what's wrong with you?" and he :lol: then he got up and said he was going to the kitchen to get a soda and I noticed he was wearing these boxer shorts that I dont like him to wear because they dont button close in the front, which means his hoo ha will hang out :shame: so I ran over to him and tore his shorts off :roflmfao: :lol: It was really funny. Do you guys do really silly funny things like that to your S/O ?
  2. yay, its what makes a long term relationship fun and real.

  3. Yes! DH & I are constantly teasing one another! It's fun & funny!:p
  4. LOL when my boyfriend is doing the dishes or anything else where both his hands are occupied and he is wearing boxers I sneack behind him and pull them down, if I have enough time I will also give him a little slap! lol

    We also end up 'wrestling' a lot or pillow fighting.

    :idea: come to think about it we act pretty childish and immature... maybe thats why this is the longest relatioship I've ever had, we actually have fun with each other. ;)
  5. That's too cute! Sometimes...
  6. Yup!!!! We tease each other and baby talk all the time!!!! When he says he has to go to bed, I always tell him, "Noooooo!!!! Stay up and play with me!!!!" (Not in a dirty way). We have lots of fun together!
  7. haha SO and I are terrible about this, we are way too much alike (it's so childish, but we have so much fun together!!!):

    -SO can lock-pick his way into the bathroom and scare the crap out of me in the shower
    -I pick the lock to the bathroom and dump the biggest bucket of ice-filled water I can over the top of the shower curtain. Sometimes it's a cup, sometimes it's a pot of ice water, depends on my mood :biggrin:
    -SO will leave the shower part of the tub on and when I go to lean over in the morning to turn the water on BEFORE I pull the shower piece, I get drenched in cold water
    -If SO goes to take the trash out, I lock the door behind him (no way back in, HAH, and I pick the coldest, worst day)
    -While I'm in the shower, SO will sneak in and steal every towel in the bathroom, leaving me with a single washcloth, therefore forcing me to walk cold and naked to retrieve the towels
    -If SO is sitting in the work room on his PC, completely glued to a scary game, I'll bash the door open and scare the crap out of him (I do this a lot actually hah)
    -SO was a bit freaked out by the major wind the other night (it was causing a bunch of bizarre noises, due to limbs falling, etc...he's a sensitive boy lol) and he couldn't sleep well. So when I left to go to class at 8am, I came back early (class canceled) tip toed through the house, made it sound like someone was breaking in, and slammed open the bedroom door open. He flipped hahaa
    -One time when we were in the grocery store together, we watched a pretty younger lady buy nothing but a pickling cucumber and a rose (:roflmfao:), so now whenever SO is feeling playful, he'll leave the same on our bed for me when I get home :rolleyes: harharhaaar

    And there is a whole slew of other things, hah! We tease and joke with each other constantly. I was never as prone to it as I am now, after we've been together for 6 years. He used to be the major jokester, now we're about even.
  8. LOL SO and I do dumb, silly things to each other all the time!

    My SO is such a goofball...I adore him! ;)
  9. Yes! I am the goof-ball out of the two of us. My husband is wonderful but he's usually a bit pensive. He's a thinker and usually has business on his mind. I'm always doing silly things to make him laugh and take his mind away from business issues.
    I'm all about work as well but I know how to relax. When I work I work but when I play I play. I have to remind my husband to do the
  10. doesnt everyone? my particular fav is getting in the car before him then locking the doors and starting the engine as if im going to leave him. he falls for it every time.
  11. I love when I do something silly and my husband gets lock the door when he goes out to get the paper or put trash out... It just makes it even funnier because I will just start laughing at him and then he just breaks down himself---PRICELESS!...LOL
  12. of course!! :yes: I dunno about pulling boxers off!! :nuts: but def. just playful and fun things..keeps the humor and love alive!!! :love:
  13. Yup...I loveeeee being silly and goofing off.....

    I love to laugh and need to be off the wall and zany alot!!!!!!

  14. :roflmfao: that's funny, you guys have us beat
  15. All of the responses are funny :lol: thank you all for sharing