Do you disinfect/clean second hand purses before you use them

  1. I am considering my first "preloved" handbag purchase. I am sort of a germophobe (is this a real word ??). Can I spray it with Lysol or something. Will that damage the leather ? Is there something that disinfects leather without hurting the finish. Please help. Thanks a lot ladies.
  2. I've only purchased 1 used bag before and I did use Lysol (on the interior only ) and then let it sit outside turned inside out for an afternoon to "air it out". THe interior was a twill fabric so it didn't harm it at all. I have never tried it on leather though.
  3. perhaps you could use a leather cleaner instead or send it to a bag "spa".
  4. If I buy a pre-owned bag, I clean it before using it.
  5. I don't think I would buy anything that needs cleaning -

    I'm more fussy inside than out -

    I once refused the bag of my dreams because it had a suntan oil stain - NO sorry but NO.

    I'm happy to say that most have been immaculate.

    Apart form my Chloe Bay that had been stored in too cold and damp place. I cleaned and polished it all night and it looks like new now.
  6. I recently bought a vintage Chanel bag from a consignment store that someone obviosly didn't take care of as of late. It was very dusty inside and out but for $95 I couldn't let it go. As soon as I got it home, I cleaned the inside and outside with Lexol leather cleaner, (the inside is not cloth), I then conditioned it and then finally sprayed it with Apple Guard. What a difference that made!! I have read about someone completely washing a Balenciaga in the sink filled with Woolite (I think it was Woolite) and the bag survived just fine. If you can pull the lining away from the bag, see if you can do that first and wash it in the sink and then just use the Lexol on the outside for the leather. Good luck!
  7. Thanks ladies. You are the best. I think I will use lysol inside and Lexol outside and then spray apple guard (thanks Antonia). I don't think I have the guts to soak it in Woolite.
  8. Yes:yes:

  9. No - quite right, don't soak leather unless it specifically says you can somewhere on the bag
  10. I have never had anything bad enough to have to clean beyond surface spots, or isolated inside spots. I like these recommendations, though.
  11. There is actually a professional bag cleaner for this that I's by Lovin My Bags, and it's a gentle antibacterial cleaner that disinfects. I use it for second-hand bags. A little goes a long way, so keep that in mind with the price:

    Scroll down, it's at he bottom of the page:
  12. Thanks for this info. I have never treated any of my handbags before. These products will be useful even for my other handbags.
  13. I definitely will disinfect my new purchase if it is a pre-own handbag.
  14. How do you remove stains from the lining of a bag? I've got something like a foundation stain inside of my 05 Chloe Paddy.