Do You (Did You) Own A Cambon Reporter? Love it? Hate it?

  1. Hi all......

    I really thought I was "over" the cambon line but I'm being sucked back in by the reporter.

    If you own/owned it, can you share your likes and dislikes about this bag?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Had a large beige with black CC cambon reporter. Kind of chunky to carry. Also, shoulder straps didn't stay on shoulder very well. I think other people had this same comment and there is an old thread on it.

    I LOVE the new cotton club reporter! Especially the straps with the chain. There is a luscious blue color out there and I am so tempted!
  3. I have the mini reporter in brown w/ brown patent cc's... it's a really cute, casual bag! I really like it, but don't carry it too often, because of the bulkiness and the fact that I have too many bags to choose from haha. :smile: If you can find it at a discount, it's worth it... otherwise, you might check out the cotton club reporter maxter mentioned... the leather straps interwoven with the chain handle, coupled with the bronze color (my personal favorite - if it's still available) is soo pretty!! :smile:
  4. Thanks Maxter and Fieryfashionist. I'm not a fan of the cotton club, not sure why but it doesn't do it for me. Just obsessing about the original cambon :confused1:

    I am concerned about the bulk factor...thanks so much for your input!!!
  5. LOL. You already know how I feel about it. ;)

    I have the white w/ python reporter and the black w/ white. I currently use the white one and i love it.

    I get so many compliments. I don't have any problems w/ it staying on my shoulder, but I guess that would depend on your size. :heart: The straps are not short to me. They are normal:yes:

    I love all the pockets in the bag b-cuz I like to carry junk. LOL.

    It is a bulkier bag but not so bulky that its annoying. I like that its strcutured. Just my opinion.

    Also I don't care for the cotton club either. I thought I liked it in pics but in person it does not do anything for me.

    The original reporter is the best to me!!

    Good luck w/ your decision!!!
  6. I would like to add that I love the color of the cotton club reporter (bronze) the best, but I choose the bronze cotton club tote for myself. :smile: I think the original cambon reporter is a great bag, and should you find it on sale, I would go for it! I personally love the tone on tone combinations the best, but that's just me :smile: Iluvbags, I agree, you can fit so much in there, and it still looks great! :smile:
  7. I have the mini reporter :love: its so cute and petite to carry around :yes:
  8. Ugggggggg...this decision is killing me :sweatdrop:

    Thanks for all the input ladies...:smile:
  9. i have the Cotton Club in that luscious blue, and its a great bag, but i have wanted the original Reporter for about 4 years, and just got it at an amazing price from a PFer, in the black on tan, which is the color combo i wanted........there are 2 schools of thought on a bag that one has lusted over for a looooong time: (a) the "its over with", "I just realized i'm done with that" school of thought and (b) the "OMG! Finally it shows up! That means its meant to be" school. I am in the latter group, usually :p If you keep on thinking and thinking about it, it usually means you really want it, and you are not being influenced by things such as It Bagness, etc etc
    let us know what you do!!
  10. Claudia, we are Chanel twins with our blue CC totes and black on tan reporters!

    I personally love my reporter and like Claudia lusted after the bag for 3 years before finally purchasing it on sale last year. It was my very first Chanel.

    Like fieryfashionist, I find I don't reach for it enough due to having so many bags to choose from, but when I do use it I fall in love with it all over again.