Do you deserve your High School Diploma?

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  1. haha! OMG! I'm so embarrased! 74%!
  2. Definitely NOT!! Scored 57% Ouch!! LOL
  3. Oh no I got 69%...and its probably right. But I did much better in college, but I did get a degree in interior design so no history really needed.
  4. 85%
    How sad, high school wasn't that long ago. :push:
  5. 80%
  6. Ummm... 57%???? And just think I went to a VERY well known University & I've already been accepted to 6 law schools! WOW! That's scary!
  7. 86%... i just graduated high school 2 years ago.
  8. 69%. Eek! I graduated high school 5 years ago. :shame:
  9. Holy Crap I got a 74%! I graduated 3 years ago.... wow, I'm embarrassed.
  10. well i still am in my final year of High school, though In Oz i don't learn American History or some of the terms in the quiz. But I am happy of my 91% score.
  11. I scored 86%, but did my high school years in at least 3 different countries, plus i had to guess on questions about american history and i had no idea what the hell a "dangling modifier" is :shame:
  12. umm....I got a 69%...but its been over ten years since I've been in high school :blush:
  13. 63%....oh my god, I am so embarassed!
  14. I got 86%... it's been 7 years since I've been outta high school, though