Do You Decorate Your BBag?

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  1. Just you put bag charms on them? Scarves?

    Any pics?

    I'm so used to decorating my LV bags...but not sure if what I use over there would work on Bbags?
  2. I put Juicy charms on some of my Bbags and accessories!~

  3. That is really cute!
  4. Thanks!!!!!!!
  5. I love Juicy charms! They are so neat! Just started collecting them. I have a few missing, but I think my daughter "borrowed" them. sigh, I guess that will be the last I saw of them!
  6. I sometimes wear the Alexander McQueen black/white skull scarf on my black Bbags or my McQueen Skeleton keyring.
  7. Get them back from your daughter!!!

  8. OMG!!!!!!! Please take a picture of the scarf on your bag!!!! I want to see!!! I want a TW or AM scarf too!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.