Do you curl your lashes after you put on mascara?

  1. Sometimes I find I have to do this as my lashes are so long that after mascara application they fall down again, even though I curled them before putting mascara on! Or maybe it's a problem with my mascara ... any suggestions or anyone else have this issue? I don't mind doing it but it tends to make my lashes clump and I have to comb them out or separate them.
  2. use waterproof mascara to prevent them from going flat.
  3. Try heating your eyelash curler with your hair dryer for a couple of seconds before you use curl your lashes. That seems to really "set" the curl. Also, be sure it's not too hot before you put it up to your face!
  4. I don;'t curl after applying because that always makes it clump. What mascara do you gals recommend?
  5. I always curl beforehand.
  6. I NEVER curl after I put mascarra on... That can really damage your lashes.
  7. ^ Yeah, that is what I heard too. I'm not sure how true that is, but I'd rather take the warning just in case.

    I too think curling your lashes after mascara application makes your lashes go clumpy. The trick is to make sure you've curled your lashes enough before putting the mascara on. Try holding down the eyelash curler on your lashes for at least 15 seconds on each eye. Repeat a few times just to make sure they stay curled. Then put the mascara on.
  8. never curl ur lashes after uve applied mascara!!! tats realy bad!
    i curl 1st, then mascara & sometimes i put on shu uemera falsies 2..depends which mood i am tat day..
  9. I NEVER curl my eyelashes
  10. I've always used my eye lash curler before putting my mascara on.
    You should curl one eye, (i try to curl it for about a mintue because they get really big then) then put mascara on, then do the other eye.
  11. I know it's bad to do this, why do you think I want recommendations on a different mascara?! LOL!

    I have tried all of what you are saying, it must just be my mascara brand ... I am going to keep trying until I find one that won't weigh my lashes down. I have LOTS of lashes and they are very long, so keeping curl is difficult.

  12. Oh man I would love to have tons of really long lashes!
  13. Yeah it's nice not ever needing falsies, even if I want a more dramatic look. :tup:
  14. never....i dun curl after mascara is on...coz it will destroy the layer of mascara and less natural...
  15. Or you could get a battery powered one like this. I actually have one thats pretty similar and it works pretty well.

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