Do you count people's items in the express checkout?

  1. I admit I do this occasionally in those "under 10 items" or "under 15 items" grocery checkout lines. Anyone else?

    On a related note, has anyone ever seen a cashier chastise or turn away somebody who comes in line with 1 or 2 more than the limit? Or a full cart? I honestly never have.:s
  2. If someone has double the amount they should and I'm in a rush I'll say something.
  3. No, I usually don't,lol, if they want to risk the wrath of the cashier so be it. However, if I notice someone behind me with only one or two items, I let them go first.
  4. I do count other people's stuff if I'm in a hurry. I never say anything. Just roll my eyes or give them a look! One time I ran into the express line and I swear I didn't see the sign. Covered by silly balloons or something... I didn't have too much stuff, but def. over the limit and the cashier did say something after she rang me up, but she was very nice about it.
  5. I DO...but I sneak in there if the other lines are ridiculous...only if I am like 2-3 items over though.
  6. I have seen a cashier turn somebody away because they had a full cart! It was pretty funny actually!:lol:
  7. yes, but only because it's boring standing waiting.
  8. I do count how many items they have in their cart only because I'm curious and bored. I do get annoyed if I'm in a rush and the person in front of me are over the limit. I seen the cashier turn away some people but only if they have a full cart.
  9. i have never counted other peoples items..but its its obvious that they are over the allowed limit, then i still wont say anything...i would just go find another line or wait.

  10. I don't count other people's items and I don't say anything if they're obviously a few items over. It's none of my business and it doesn't take up THAT much time to ring it up. I really don't mind.
  11. i only count if i'm bored. and i do it in the regular line too. i also make up stories about people's lives based on what they're buying if the line is really really long.

    i'm kind of a dork. :yes:
  12. I don't count but if it's obvious that it's over 10 items, it peeves me bad.
    I saw this lady (late 50s - 60s) at the express checkout with a whole basket of items, it was about 30 items! I was so mad and she knew she was over the "10 items or less" limit but she didn't care because obviously she knew that no one was going to say anything because she was an old lady :mad:
  13. haha yes I do! I mean what else are you supposed to do when you're stuck in a long and boring line? I wouldn't say anything though if they had more than 10 items, because I've done it myself in the past too. I also like looking at what other people buy and try and suss them out via the products that they choose.
  14. I've seen some people turn away because they have more than the limit or have a full cart.

    Now do I count? Sometimes...
  15. Almost always :o

    But I'm an honest person. I won't go in the line if I'm over the limit.