Do you correct eBay CL listings?

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  1. Anyone else ever see misinformation on eBay listings and email the seller to correct them? Like when they have the wrong model or just wrong information about CL?

    I emailed a seller the other day who had a pair of the blue-soled shoes for sale and the information on it was that he no longer makes them because he was sued for copyright infringement! :wtf: I emailed the seller saying about the red sole trademark and that was the agreement to stop the blue soled ones..and that he was never sued by anyone for the blue soles (which to my knowledge are not trademarked by anyone else out there!!).

    Anyone else do this or am I the only freak?
  2. blackbird- Yes, I saw that listing too--claimed he was "sued for copyright infringement." :s That was a little disturbing and I did think about doing something, but I absolutely chickened out. I've encountered some touchy sellers, for some reason or another, and I didn't feel like getting a possibly smart response when I was just trying to administer help. :Push: In short, you're not the only one! :biggrin:
  3. On a couple of occasions, I have asked the seller to clarify which size they are putting up for auction, since there are typos sometimes. Those were always cleared up amicably... :smile:
  4. I recently queried the statement that a pair of Alaia Azzedine boots had only been worn once when the soles looked rather more worn than that. The response was that they had been used only once but ALL DAY WALKING :hrmm:
  5. I only contact sellers on ebay when someone is stealing their CL pictures to warn them, :angel: or for a purchase.

    Alot of times I ask them where they purchased a CL just to know which store it came from. I never bother correcting though because there are just too many listings that have faux information. I bet I could make a full time job out of that :roflmfao:
  6. yeah that is tricky for sure! "Just once" could be once around the office where you really only took a few hundred steps in them mostly on carpet or another "just once" where you did a all-day shopping marathon stomping on pavement!
  7. Yes, once in a blue moon I'll email the seller and and say "you should put the model of the shoe (e.g. yoyo) and the size of the shoe (e.g.38) and you will get more hits because people search on these thing." I usually do that if I see the shoe relisted more than once with for someone who obviously doesn't sell often.