Do you coordinate your jewelry with your outfit?

  1. I have a LOT of jewelry (one of the joys/dangers of making jewelry!:graucho:) with different colors and combinations of gemstones, and I often wear earrings, etc. that match my outfit for the day. Does anyone else like to do this?
  2. i'm too lazy to coordinate. i'm all about signature pieces. :yes:

    i'm young though, so my jewelry wardrobe is...developing. ask me again in 20 years and i'll probably have a different answer. :supacool:
  3. sort of (i only and ever wear black and /or white so there goes pretty much everything) but i match my jewelery and the hardware of my bags and shoes so no silver harware bag with yellow gold jewelery ever it has to match or i go insane
  4. I do change my jewellery according to outfit. Earrings always.
  5. i color coordinate my earrings with my top. always.
  6. for sure!​
  7. Nope - I pretty much wear signature pieces. I always wear either my diamond studs or gold Tiffany hearts (if for some weird reason I'm wearing yellow gold), a watch, my platinum e-ring and eternity band. I never leave the house without those on.

    I have a variety of sterling Tiffany rings, necklaces and bracelets that I'll pick from depending on the outfit, but since they're pricey, I pick from a set of about 3 of each type). Since it's all the same brand, they all coordinate automatically - just some are bolder pieces, and others are more delicate.
  8. Yes i do :nuts:
    I always tend to coordinate earrings with necklaces and i always try my best to work my jewellery into my outfits by colour coordinating them with either my bag or my clothes
  9. It depends on my mood and how much time I have to rummage through my massive collection. Fifteen years ago my house was broken into and nearly all my good jewelry was stolen. Because of that as I've collected pieces since then, I keep them locked away in a safe and getting to them in the morning is a real headache!

    I've been really lazy this summer about getting out of bed in the mornings, so I've been doing more the signature jewelry route. I do, however, prefer to match to my outfit when I can.
  10. Never. The pieces I wear I love an only wear them.
  11. no, I have the staples and wear them all everyday! LOL!
    I have some pearls too, but don't care for necklaces on me :sad:
  12. Sometimes I do - it's fun! But if I'm in a hurry to get out the door I will stick with signature jewelry that works with any of my outfits.
  13. I don't know why but I just love clear white diamonds. It's so pure and simple. I never had a hard time coordinating them with my outfit.
  14. I definately keep my jewelry in sync with what I'm wearing - same level or style or feel. I love jewelry, and think it is as much of deal breaker as are bags and shoes when putting together a look.
  15. I do! I love jewlery and I love everything to match =)