Do you cook for your dog??

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  1. I think I would like to start feeding my Boston Terrier homemade meals. I just have had it with the store bought dog food and it seems like he gets an upset tummy at least once a week and then he's off food and I am boiling chicken and rice for him. Does anyone else make thier dogs meals? I have looked on the 'net but I never know what I can trust:shrugs: Any recipes or good sites to check out would be so helpfull. TIA!!!
  2. I admit that I add "extras" (chicken w/ rice, chicken, turkey, beef, eggs)for my dog, but have never considered cooking his base diet. This one seems to be an interesting site-

    However, I don't have any experience in what you are looking to do. Maybe someone w/ more help will chime in. Have you thought about asking your vet for resources on the idea? Maybe he/she can point you to books/sites?
  3. I used to cook for my dogs, now I feed them a raw diet, which is really what their digestion system needs. I use a base from sojourner farms,, and then add raw turkey meat and occasionally vegetables.
  4. I cook for my Yorkie. He usually eats ground turkey, chicken, or beef with veggies. I've always fed him cooked food. He also has a bowl of royal canin for Yorkie's kibble on hand.
  5. I feed my crew Orjin kibble (HIGHLY recommend this brand!) and create a topping for it to help add a tad of variety for them. I get a cheap lean cut of meat and some veggies (yams, carrots, peas, beets, cauliflower, broccoli, etc etc...) and cook it all together and then puree. I freeze it in ziploc baggies to keep it fresh and make a few varied batches at once. They LOVE it, and I must say it feels great adding that bit of extra love to their meal.
  6. I don't cook for my dogs, but I feed them Castor & Pollux dog food, which is organic. They seem to love it!
  7. there is a growing collection of user-submitted (with ratings and pictures) dog food at
  8. I used to cook for my cat as, from the day she was born, she would not eat cat food. I found it to be a real pain. I could never leave her for a weekend with a large supply of food to last as it would spoil so I could rarely get away.
  9. I don't, but my BF does. He'll buy them ribs or something, or neckbones, or whatever inexpensive pieces of meat that he can get. I protest this, of course, as I think they should be eating dogfood. When I cook normal food, the BF also sneaks it to them. I've protested this, too...but it's a losing battle. Now, if we have something like chicken or pork chops we'll give them the leftover bones, which I don't object to.
  10. Just make sure you don't actually feed the cooked bones to them! They easily can splinter and cut the dog inside. It happened to one of my old guys and he nearly died - not something I'd wish on anyone!
  11. Yes, please do not give dogs chicken bones. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous.
  12. Nope, if he eats anything other than Science Diet, he gets diarrhea.
  13. I had to give my dog chicken or tuna and rice after she had a tooth pulled, and she got really constipated. then after a couple days she got diarrhea. Normally she has a very healthy digestive system. So whatever you do make sure your dog gets enough fiber.
  14. Not only chicken can splinter though - ANY cooked bone can! If the dog is on a raw diet, raw bones are fine, but cooking makes them brittle. Just wanted to clarify.
  15. Thanks guys I will check out some of those sites. I have always fed him extras with his kibble and those are the type of things he ends up eating when his tummy has run amuck like cottage chesse,oatmeal,chicken and rice. I have tried a few different types of kibble as I to think they should eat dog food to get required vitamins. I will talk to my vet as this last batch of kibble we are trying is from them.