Do you contact ebay members if you know they bought a fake?

  1. I was browsing for mulberry mabel bag and I realized seller GOLDENMINARETS sold a fake one for almost 600$!
    And the other bags he sells are also fake but he shamelessly puts them for 700$. I contacted the buyer who bought Mulberry cause she had some things on sale but otherwise eBay doesn't let you write messages to people you had no transaction with.
    I just find it so outragous people are making so much money from duping others, help me to take that b.stard down!
  2. I try to, but as you say, often you can't. :sad:

    Also, many times when I have, the 'buyer' hasn't responded, or has even responded in a hostile, defensive way, meaning that they're probably shill bidding IDs; not real buyers at all. :rolleyes:

    I take it you've reported their auctions to eBay?
  3. Don't do this. It's considered auction interference, and it's against eBay policy. If the buyer or seller reports you, eBay may go as far as suspending you. Report the fakes to eBay and let nature take its course (even though that often means nothing happens) - it's sad, but it's not worth losing your own access to eBay over someone else's transaction.
  4. Oh great :cursing: This is the first time I did it and hopefully nothing will happen to me. I just couldn't stand it, the girl who bought it paid all this money and left positive feedback so obvioisly she never discovered her bag was fake. If I say nothing, the seller will continue to con others with no consequence.
    And yeah, I reported him but often, as it's been said, nothing happens.
  5. Had no idea this was against eBay policy. I once told a bidder mid auction that the teapot she was bidding had a mismatched lid. She replied with a thanks. I also received a warning regarding an overpriced collectible item, but as I'd done my research the info wasn't terribly useful. I don't remember if I answered.

    I guess eBay follows the policy "no good deed goes unpunished". So much for shopping victoriously.
  6. :lol::lol::lol:
    yeah, they just want to keep the machine running at all costs.
  7. I've contacted buyer before and always had thankful positive feedback from those buyers. I did not know this was against Ebay policy. One time I was having trouble getting tracking information from the seller, so I contacted other sellers who bought before me to see if they had received their items. Turned out they didn't, and we all worked together coming up with ideas to resolve our problem.
  8. Yes this is true. I usually keep an eye open (balenciaga bags), and if I see someone is bidding a lot of money, I always email them through ebay. I realize it is against ebay policy but I don't care. My way around it (as I've been warned a few times - lol), is by sending them links to threads in the forum - ie "how to spot a fake", and the "post fakes here" threads. I include a simple message "Be careful".

    Most of them "get it" and email me back w thank yous.

    I just can sit back and watch someone get ripped off.
  9. Yup I've warned buyers before...but it never seems to help! I didn't know that ebay could suspend you for trying to help someone from buying a fake, doesn't make sense to me...
  10. I've wanted to stick my two cents in and warn people, but you never know how they are going to react. I would hate to offend someone or cause a scene.

    Sometimes, what they don't know can't hurt them

  11. No. I would not contact anyone. You will be reported for harrasment and it just isn't worth it. I know it is hard to NOT say anything, but I think it is best.

  12. Don't worry, the seller will, almost certainly, not report you; as she will be too scared that it will draw attention to her fake-selling ways.

    A fake seller (through her shill bidding ID) once threatened to report me and I said; 'Go ahead! I'm sure eBay will be very interested to hear that not only do you sell fakes, but that you also shill bid on your own auctions!' and of course, I heard nothing more about it! ;)

  13. Wow! :wtf:

    If they've, unknowingly, bought a fake (especially for a high price), surely they've already been hurt?

  14. Same here. :yes:

    My conscience won't allow it - just as it wouldn't allow me to walk past a mugging, or a rape, without doing anything.
  15. exactly. I checked and the seller managed to get rid of the two fake bags he had three days ago - a mulberry and a Marc Jacobs. Some girl bought Marc Jacobs for almost $500! She left positive feedback also. Now, Im pretty sure it was fake too.
    And ebay obviously doesn't care cause he did nothing after I reported the seller. :boxing: