Do you consult your BF/Hubby about price before buying a new Chanel

  1. I was out to lunch today and we were purse talking and marriage talking.

    I was with one newlywed, one two months from being married, and me living with darling BF on they way to engagement.

    I made the comment I was on the hunt for the ideal Chanel black bag...and my darling BF was clueless about price and purse style.

    Newlywed made the comment of " now that I am married I wouldn't buy anything over $200 without consulting my husband"

    Do you consult your BF/Hubbys/SO about "price" before purchasing?
  2. absolutely not! if I did, then I won't have any pretty things...:angel: :sneaky: :whistle:
  3. No I don't. If I come home or something comes in then he just tells me that now he can go spend the money on another tattoo...So i guess this means he is going to have a lot of tattoos!!! LOL
  4. I do, but I decrease the price tag by a couple hundred...give or take...hehe
    I can't take too much away because he knows enough that Chanel isn't going to be under $1500 now. *cries*
  5. Oh goodness NO! Are you kidding? If my DH knew how much I spent on Chanel's, he would freak. What he doesn't know won't hurt him!:yes:
  6. nope ... I have been married for 13 years and we have been together for...*gulp* ... 25 years :nuts:

    he works, I shop - works out lovely :p
  7. I do, but he never says no. :shame: Also, I can't lie about the price he is really good at figuring it all out. His mother & sister also love chanel so he is very well informed.
  8. I always ask my DH if he likes it. He even helped me pick (and paid for) my classic flap and has contributed to other purchases. (He may be starting to wince when he hears "OMG isn't this a gorgeous bag"...) He thinks the prices are high, but he likes nice things, too. He doesn't tell me how to spend my money and I don't tell him how to spend his. He even recognizes Chanel bags when the celebs have them. Isn't he great? :love: Although, for Valentine's Day he said "NO CHANEL!" (Of course, no complaints about a Loro Piana sweater.:biggrin:)
  9. No - he would never understand spending so much money on something he can't fish with!
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. my fiance bought me my first cambon small tote, i bought myself the outdoor ligne tote - which i sorta had to get his approval...the 3rd chanel, which was a medl classic flap, we had loooooonog conversations about, before he was okay with i'm buying my 4th and 5th behind his,that's the story of my life.
  12. In a word, nooooooooooooooooooooooo. His idea of designer clothes is Kohl's 1/2 off sale. He doesn't understand and never will.
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    OMG...i almost fell off my chair. That is totally what my BF is like. He freaked when I bought him a pair of Banana Republic jeans that were $80. He was like I would never spend that much on jeans. I was like. Yes, that is the problem. We must BURN your jeans as soon as we get home.

    My issue is I make 3x as much as he does. And for now he just gives me a check for bills/rent and then I pay for everything, and our "left over" cash is our own.

    Should that change once I am married? Am I suppose to share better? And then be more "considerate" as newlywed thought of infomring him of high end purchases?
  14. I might feel differently if I were younger. My husband has always been self employed so we have always kept separate checking accounts. We split the monthly bills on a percentage basis as to what we earn. Our kids are now in their 20's and self sufficient. I have sacrificed for the sake of my family for many years, and now I am at that point in my life if I want to buy a few expensive items, it's no ones business except my own - not even my husbands.
  15. nope.... he has his thing, i have my thing.....