Do you consider yourself being a perfectionist?

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  1. As far as I can remember I was always on the look out for the perfect bag. Lately I finds myself looking for the perfect collection. How about you?
  2. hm, not the perfect collection. I don't think of it that way. I'm more hunting perfect bags for different occations.. not sure what THE perfect bag is..not yet anyway. And thinking it will change all the time, depending on so many factors - therefore need variety:biggrin:
  3. I am also in it for the perfect bag. I just love the quality, style and workmanship of a Mulberry bag. But that is not stopping me from looking for a new "better one" for a specific occasion or an imaginable gap iykwim
  4. Earlier I caught myself thinking 'what colour bag would look best next to my other two?'. Then I realised I would be better off thinking 'what would work best with my clothes?' A bag family shot should be less important to me, lol...
  5. Yep, I am always looking for the perfect bag lol!

    After 10 years I have found the perfect evening clutch - its black so it is always going to go with everything, and its a YSL vintage, so beautifully made, with the most stunning jewels on it - so heavy and so lush that I know I will absolutely keep it and hand it down to my DDs.

    But day bag - its an ongoing search lol ! ;)
  6. I'd be bored rigid with one perfect bag. Tedium would render its perfection null and void within the week.

    I am anal about bags, coats, scarves, gloves and shoes matching, or at least not clashing. It's a bit old ladyish I sometimes think.
  7. I don't believe in the concept of the perfect bag since it would have to be a chameleon to cope with it's many varied purposes. Also agree with Corries that it would render itself worthless because of the boredom it would ensue.
  8. That sounds gorgeous - will you post a picture?
  9. Perfect bags for different occassions, or perfect bags to suit different shoes, clothes, scarves. These kind of bag collections are more or less the perfect collections I think.
  10. I don't believe in perfection at all for anything. I think the quest for perfection is what causes a lot of discontent and unhappiness - the perfect house, the perfect figure....

    So, for me, there's no such thing as a perfect bag, just one that goes with what I'm wearing & suits where I'm going that day.
  11. Right Sarajane, there is no perfect bag. But there is always one that comes close and, as you say goes nicely with the clothes you are wearing that moment and where you are going to. And that is why we need several bags, at least more than one :yes:
  12. I have sometimes 'envied' those that can do (feel happy) with only one bag - or that uses that one bag for ages... it's so easy and clutter free in a way..iykwim. But I'm just not like that, I need variety otherwise I get bored. And I love so many different looks, styles etc. I'm the same with a lot of things, not just bags: shoes, cushions (change for different seasons), soaps (I have loaaads in the bathroom, but have decided to use everything up now before buying any more..), just to name a few things. (Clothing too, of course, but that is prob more normal).

    The bags I have now, they may not be perfect perfect, but I'm very happy with them the way they are, and think they suit different occations. There is not much I would have changed, so in that sense, the collection is perfect :P But defining the perfect bag is hopeless for me. There has been at least one thread on this earlier, but I've never been able to contribute because I don't know what THE ONE perfect bag would be. My taste changes too...
  13. im a huge perfectionist, i like my bags in the best condition they could be.
    i dont think however there is the perfect bag! lol
  14. A lady after my own heart, I am so bad bag, shoes, coat, matching jewellery (OMG) and the worst part of all hair colour! I am Miss 100% then i catch myself thinking like this,
    listen to my special tapes take slow breaths count to 100 and go back and try to match them all up again!!!
  15. Agreed! My perfect bag keeps changing at the same speed as does my life. So it varies quite a lot what I need from my "perfect bag" in that stage of my life. But I can see a pattern in my collection - I love big bags! :graucho: