Do you consider your bag a weapon?

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  1. Do you somehow feel safer when you have a securely closed bag full of your stuff, say, when you walk? Like, you could use it to swing at anyone who tries to do you harm? It may not be nearly a complete sense of security, but is it any?
  2. no, never felt any safer carrying a handbag, never thought of it as being something like that.
  3. hahaha... that's kind of funny.. but yeah.. I've actually considered my bag to be a weapon.. Though I never think like that everyday. It's just that, sometimes, I really do feel unsafe on the streets and there is no other weapon I can get a hold of but my big bag... and I think it would really help... in case...
  4. I actually feel less safe with my handbag. I have never thought of hitting anyone with it-I just think of someone stealing it.
  5. I do consider my bag as a weapon when needed. My car keys make a better weapon IMO. Hopefully, no one one will have to use their bags or keys as weapons.
  6. same here
  7. No not really. I do think that I can use it as a distraction. I can throw it at them to make my getaway.
  8. Hmmm....interesting question! I speak as one who was almost the victim of a bag-snatch one day in town about a year ago. When the thief tried to grab my Balenciaga City I clung to it so tightly that that the kid ran away, thinking he had the bag in his hand! Since that day I have been ultra-careful with my bag. I think a handbag can be a strange sort of protection more than a weapon. Since that incident I have been much more on the alert, especially when walking alone in town. If I'm alert enough my bag is unlikely to be snatched and I feel good that all my stuff is safe and close to hand.
  9. Erm no, I would not use my bag as a weapon. My bags are too lovely and soft for violence :smile:

  10. i hear that!

  11. What she said. :smile:
  12. I feel less safe if im in a situation, like say walking home alone at night. One- someone who sees me would see that I am a women, alone, and think about stealing my bag or doing something else. Two- I have thought about it might be hard to get away from someone if you have a huge bag on your shoulder. The only thing I'v ever thought about for protection is my keys..I think I saw it on some show about putting your keys between your fingers if you felt that someone was going to attack you or something. Not that i make it a habbit to walk around at night alone, but I have had to a few times...
  13. Hey I am against violence ... against bag that is ...

    Will never use my bag to defend my self .... that is what those stilettos are for !
  14. No, I don't think so unless I was carrying a Chloe Paddington with that big heavy lock! :lol:
  15. My feet would be much more of a weapon alongside my hands (kicking sensitive parts or jabbing eyes anyone?) :lol:
    I would NEVER use my bag as a weapon especially if it's something delicate but my warrior bag can definitely be a weapon :graucho:, after all it's called the Warrior!