Do you consider the popularity and "it" factor?

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  1. #1 Mar 28, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
    Hi all!

    The other day, a co-worker comes to me and ask me question about my GIVENCHY Large Antigona tote bag. One of question she asked me is "Is that bag a popular bag?" after hearing her that I laugh a little. I stop laughing immediately when I saw her face smirked like she was insulted. I don't mean to insult her and I apologize. Then I explained to her that I do not consider the popularity of handbags I purchase, that I base my decision on my lifestyle, how I'm going use the bag and of course my budget. It doesn't really matter whether my mom hate it or someone else hate it the most important thing is I love my it. Then she say thank you and walk out on me.

    After that, it made me think...should I take consider the popularity of the handbag before splurging? How about you guys? Do you also include the "IT" factor of a handbag in your decision making?
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    Some seem to enjoy the feeling of carrying an "It"bag and some will even go to the other side of the law and buy counterfeit bags if it means getting their hands on the style of a status symbol.

    For me, it's pretty much the opposite - if a bag is hugely popular, I usually fail to see the allure. First off, I think the "It" bags are usually very boring (Chanel 2.55, Birkin, Céline Luggage, f.e.) or ugly (LV Speedy MC, Céline Trapeze etc) and too mainstream, second, what's the point of having a bag everyone else has - either the real deal or fake?

    I own 3 Mulberry bags and none of them are the "It" styles. I go by my own rules and am not very keen on trends, so I don't understand why on earth do people run after a bag when it's most likely they'll bump into it all the time...but that's just me. Everyone is free to make their own choices and it's not for me or anyone else to judge.

  3. I see your point...

    Well for me. I do have few mainstream handbags but certainly I have never take for consideration the IT factor. I mean for example I got my Bal City not because it is very popular bag I bought it because I fell in love with its design and leather quality. Like I won't get a bag just because I saw Angelina Jolie or the Kardashian Sister carrying a certain bag. its not like When I go out for shopping for a bag, shoes or clothes I'll be thinking if my co-workers or friends approved my pick... I go for it because I know I can rock it and love it.

    IT bag or not surely the popularity of the brand and style of the handbag can influence me on buying it but it will never be main reason why should or should not get it.
  4. I totally consider the popularity of a bag! I tend to favour bags that have a bit of "fashion street cred", like the Antigona or a PS1 or something, but I stay away from very popular bags because I like to think that I'm a special snowflake. :lol:

    I think there's a difference between "it" and "mainstream" though. For example I'd call a LV speedy or Chanel 2.55 mainstream because you see them a lot, but they are not going to go out of style anytime soon. Whereas I tend to associate the term "it bag" with a sort of fashion bubble that gets blown out of proportion and then subsequently suffers a fall.

  5. Wow this is a very good observation. I always think of "mainstream bag" and "it bag" as one. But after reading your post I have to agree that the 2 are completely different category. And I must admit what I saw on blogs, street style photos & other media really influence me on buying a particular handbag but it wont be the main reason. I like to think the popularity of bag is like a LUST but its not the love.
  6. Not at all. When I bought my Bal City no one had heard of the bag before. I just saw it in a shop window, didn't even know Balenciaga was into bags, went into the boutique and bought it for Christmas.....
    On the other hand when the Fendi Spy was released, I didn't buy it.... I think I should have .....It's a wonderful bag....
  7. Let just first say, I love the Antigona. It's a great bag, but it doesn't scream "I'm on trend!!"

    Secondly, well,I have to admit, yes, the "it" factor appeals to me. There definitely is a part of me that wants to be carrying the "Height of Fashion." On the other hand, there are a lot of extremely popular bags that I have no yen for. Example, Celine bags and any other winged items. And Philip Lim Pashli's do not appeal to me at all. I don't like bags with initials all over them. In other words, I don't buy things just because they are popular or have that "it" thing going for it. But, generally, bags that are on trend, and come from "trendy" labels (the more moderate tier of trendiness, that is; I can't afford Givenchy) are the ones I notice and end up coveting and buying.
  8. I try to just buy what I like regardless of trends. I do wind up buying though when the styles are trendy as it's easier to find bags I like and have more options. I hadn't bought any new bags or SLGs in years until this past year with the popularity of mini crossbody styles and neon pink. I've more than made up for that sabbatical. Because they work for me, I'll carry them after they stop being trendy.
  9. I quite like bags that I 'discover' unusual and that no one seems to have but if I really loved a bag, I wouldn't go out my way to avoid an 'it' or classic bag just because they were so popular, nor would I stop wearing something after a trend was gone (although I might rest it a while).
  10. I care if it's popular and I care about brands. Mostly because I don't trust my own judgment. Not because I'm a follower. I still have to like the bag and it has to fit my style before I buy it. And I am unlikely to buy something over a certain price point because I am uncomfortable carrying expensive items that are not attached to me. :P
  11. Me too. Though sometimes the association of a bag may put me off it for life.
  12. I definitely consider the popularity of bags but I don't get the bag just because it is popular. I'm spending big dollars on bags so I make sure I get bags that I absolutely love, and within my budget of course. In saying that, there are some really popular bags that I find hideous, and would never get. So it depends on personal taste, really.
  13. I definitely consider the "it factor" of bags, but more in the way of trying to avoid something overly trendy. When I buy a designer handbag that I really love I want the option of being able to carry it 5 years down the road without feeling like I look dated. I have a hard time pulling the trigger on bags that are too "now" although I love to admire them.
  14. What? No. Absolutely not. I've never been one to follow the dictates of what some advertising company thinks I ought to purchase.
  15. The trouble with IT bags is everyone wants them, they sell out then people charge a fortune for them through the likes of eBay, a current example is mansur graviel bucket bag, I am not a big IT bag fan I try and buy bags that have lasting appeal. Timeless items that will last through the years. I like what I like and won't be swayed by bags popularity :smile: