Do you consider patent leather to be more dressy or can it be casual too?

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  1. I love black patent leather bags but I tend to view them as more dressy, what do you think? Can it also be worn casually?
  2. It definitely can be worn casually. I have a black patent jumbo with SHW. Last Sunday I wore it to stroll around one of the fun neighborhoods in our city following a very casual brunch. I had on a casual black dress and black open toed booties.

    I think patent can be worn with anything from dressy to casual. It's a nice pop to and outfit to keep it from getting boring.

    Try googling different casual looks with patent handbags for inspiration.
  3. Patent def gives off a dressier vibe but it can be worn casually too. I wear a black patent bag with jeans and flat sandals all the time.
  4. I definitely think it can go both ways! I think it's always cooler to throw in something fancy with an all casual outfit 🏻
  5. I love patent. Depending how you style it, it can lend itself to more casual settings.
  6. Black patent can be both dressy and casual imo. I love my patent 226 and have worn it with dresses and heels. I also wear it with super casual outfits (distressed jeans and Vans).
  7. in my country, it was worn casually...
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461050191.974570.jpg
    I think it can be both!
    I take my jumbo patent to dressy dinner or to run
    Daily errands
  9. Could someone please tell me: What is difference between patent and glazed calfskin leather? Which one is easier for maintenance? Thanks in advance!
  10. I think you can wear patent leather with anything you want to...
  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461116083.591998.jpg

    Patent goes with everything. I think the shine adds a little fun to any outfit.
  12. I wear it casual!
  13. Patent is definitely casual imo.
  14. [​IMG]
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    I think they are dressy and can dress up a slightly casual outfit (as seen in the posts above).

    Ultimately it's dependent on the wearer. How savvy she is at mixing clothes and accessories. Some can pull it off, others can't.