Do you consider organic cosmetics as a future option ?


Feb 28, 2006
In France it almost becomes an obsession, everybody talks about it and constantly refer to the ingredients of our creams etc...It becomes the selling criteria of certains brands which claims on their packaging "guaranteed paraben free".
On our french equivalent of makeupalley there is a "organic" ("bio" in french) section.
Everybody is scared of cancer....
I am talking about brands like Dr Hauschka, Welleda, and others...
I have tried some, but I hate the smell on some of them and applying some nut oil on your face is not very nice or glam....
This morning a friend told me to use only the alun stone instead of deodorant than could cause breast cancer.....??
What are your thoughts ??


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
i think people are paranoid. if your non-organic makeup gives you cancer, i think we'd see a lot more people with face cancer (ok, so that's probably not the right name for it, but you know what i mean). i also think that people are naive to assume that just because something is organic, it's good for you. there are a lot of chemicals that occur in nature that will kill or maim you horribly. LEAD, for example, occurs in nature. Not something I want in my cosmetics.

I think it's important to be conscious consumers and aware of what's in your cosmetics, but i think it's incorrect of people to assume that products that aren't organic are bad for you, especially in things like cosmetics.


May 10, 2007
Somewhere in the desert
nearly all of my bath and body product are organic, as well as my skin care for my face. i really haven't tried or seen organic makeup. i don't use organic product because i'm afraid of cancer. i use them because it's better for the earth. also, organic companies are less likely to test on animals, and i never used anything tested on animals.


Jan 5, 2007
Across a pond
I haven't really looked into it thoroughly yet (as to WHY it's dangerous), but I try to avoid parabens. It's possible, but hard to do when dealing with luxury brands.