Do you consider French Co. items authentic?

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  1. authentic IMO and like ayla said, they're unique

  2. I couldn't have said it better myself.:yes:
  3. When I read the title, I was this... :confused1:

    They're very much authentic. :yes:
  4. I wonder what the story is behind giving the French co license to make pieces?
  5. I think they're authentic! There are a couple pieces I would love to own from the French Co...

    And I want the Saks kisslock coin purse! Too bad it averages to $250-$300...
  6. Yes, authentic and special!!!
  7. I personally wouldn't buy any French co stuff...or any LV made in USA anyway...I prefer the made in France, Spain etc...
  8. ^if you live in the USA good luck finding the ones that aren't made in the USA for common items. even the BH and PH and Lockits are made in the USA now.

    i don't mind french co products. i like the vintage paper tag and the dyed vachetta leather. and i'd love to have a french co duffle! lol.
  9. i wouldnt choose french co over lv but idk its history. vintage. and as for things made in the us im all about supporting things made here. so much is dont overseas its nice to know some things are still usa. i dont mind. i have 1 that is made in the us all my other lvs are made in france. i dont really care either way.
  10. Thanks so much for posting the link! I love the herringbone and floral patterns! I'm considering buying 12 in. Sacoche, in one of those patterns. They're so reasonably priced!
  11. ^^^ You're welcome!

    And the GREAT thing about owning FC pieces is that French Luggage will repair and replace the treated leather at a miniscule cost compared to LV (eg. 40ish for the handles and 12ish for the push lock and new key)...
  12. Wow, I didn't know that...that's good to know.