Do you consider French Co. items authentic?

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  1. Ok, I know they are not knock offs and technically they are 'authentic'...but since they were not actually made by vuitton, do you consider them authentic.

    I stuggle with this. I have a French co duffle from way back when, but I rarely use it, even after all these years, it screams 'fake' to me.
  2. i dont really get the whole french co. story
  3. I don't consider them "fake", but I don't consider them the same as a piece made by LV. I think there is, or was?, a demand for the speedies.
  4. i've never been a fan of french co items. but i am extremely anal about the monogram lining up, and some french co items are just all over the place. i also hate the way the LV looks on the "paper" tag.. anyway.. not a fan.

  5. Yeah, why not? They were authorized to make the pieces, so it's not like they were bought off a street corner. Maybe you should sell it if you don't like it..I know a lot of collectors of LV who would die to own some French Co. pieces.
  6. I do see them as sort of different, but have a hard time putting it into words. They still produce some items in the exact same styles as Louis Vuitton, in different fabrics. I saw a herringbone speedy from them that is GORGEOUS.

    I wish I could find their website . . . I'd love to see if they make keepall shapes in different materials. They are much less expensive than Louis Vuitton, and I'm always on the lookout for different designs / patterns!
  7. French Co. pieces were made because they were licensed with LV to do so. They are still authentic. If you don't like it, and don't carry it, sell it on ebay. There is a huge demand for French Co. pieces, and if it's in good condition, should fetch a couple hundred bucks.
  8. Twinkle- keep it. as part of your collection. Its vintage and has history.
  9. LV gave them the licence to make them so yeas, their real LVs
  10. Of course they're authentic items. The French Company was liscenced by Louis Vuitton to produce here in the United States. They're vintage and it was the beginning of the first United States production of LV.
  11. i love the vintage mono speedy. I bid on several of them on ebay but lost lol. I think they are great if you can find one in great condition.
  12. Authentic! :yes:
  13. They are definitely authentic and are not open for intrepretation on that issue. Now one can like them or dislike them but there's no doubt about their authenticity. You may be able to tell that I like them, especially the French Company Speedy. :smile:
  14. Sure, and I think they're very unique given the history.
  15. Here's the website: French Luggage Manufacturer

    I LOVE French Company items but unfortunately they were also counterfeited :cursing:

    They are so unique and yes, I think just as much of them as I do items made directly by LV factories. Some of the Saks items are TDF! :love: