Do you condition a steel sabrina as well?

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  1. Did anybody condition/spray their steel sabrina? I know its pebbled leather, so its more durable, but did anybody try to condition or spray it with repellent? Is it necessary, and does it take off color?
  2. I don't know that it would be a good idea. I was told by an SA last night that if the steel gets too wet from snow or rain the pebbling can go flat. I would think you'd have to be careful spraying and conditioning it too.
  3. you cannot use anything on any metallic bag. The metallic will/can rub off.
  4. I haven't put anything on my Steel and I won't even try it.
  5. I used Apple guard spray on my steel sabrina and it has not changed her appearance at all, nor was there any color rub issue. After reading this...I'll consider myself lucky! I apple guard all my bags because of Seattle weather, even my new rose gold metallic bag. I did not condition any of my metallic bags though. I've never had a problem yet with apple. The conditioner did make my violet madeline rub a tiny bit of dye onto the rag once, but she dried just fine.
  6. You also aren't supposed to use anything on pebbled leather, as it may take the pebbly-ness (I know, that's not really a word) out of the leather. I haven't used anything on mine and it's holding up very well.
  7. apple spray is a top layer film protective where as a moisturizer is absorbed into the leather which will cause the metallic color, which is also a top layer spray, to desaturate.
  8. I haven't touched mine either with anything. I would not suggest using anything on it.
  9. Me too... I also don't plan on carrying my steel Sabrina during inclement weather, especially on rainy days, just to be on the safe side.

  10. Guess my leather bags just take their chances as it rains an average of 265 days a year here.;) I have apple guarded each one and so far the rain just rolls right off. Haven't lost one yet....fingers crossed!
  11. That's great news, KatieKat. I do carry my Coach patent leather and Soho leather bags in the rain and they've survived just fine. With the metallics though, I'm just being extra careful as I don't want to risk having any issues with the bags.