do you commit to one brand, or if not, how do you choose which from what?

  1. Hey all, I was wondering, do you normally just go to a brand counter, and just finish all your beauty needs there, or visit each one and get something there, and something from the other.. and if so, how do you choose what you want from each? Isn't all the choices just so overwhelming?!:wtf:
  2. I go by what I like-mostly trial and error to begin with. I don't think I could ever have brand loyalty to one cosmetic company-there's too many out there & they all have such fun stuff!

    I think I mostly go by what I've seen in magazine or what other people have suggested to me.
  3. I don't have any particular loyalty for one line for everything. For me, it's trial and error. I love getting samples of things because sometime I'll find a new favorite from that!
  4. I too am not brand loyal. I shop all around in the stores and online. I also like to pick up bargains like buy this and you'll get this little bag with goodies in it.

    I just bought $158 worth of Dior make-up at Neiman's so that I could get that Dior bag, blotting papers and mascara.

    I have an appt. next weekend for a make-over and I'll get some goodies while doing that too.

    I also buy many things off Sephora. Sephora lets you pick three samples and most of the time I have a promo code for a deluxe sample in addition to the other samples.

    I'm a make-up junky.
  5. Pretty much the same as everyone else. I've sort of developed my skincare routine from trying new things and keeping what I like from what I've tried. For example I use a variety from DHC, Kihels, Lancome, Philosophy, Bare Escentuals.
  6. Yeah, you really have to shop around and see what works for your, I've never found a line where everything works for me that they offer.....
  7. I go by samples and sales. I look and try and if I like it, I get it.
  8. I'm such a makeup whore. I've got a list of things I want to try out at Nordies today. I still haven't used the stuff I bought last week. I'm into Bobbi Brown right now. Aarti told me about something at laura mercier. Then there is Chanel, Dior, and Clinique that I need to stop at as well. Then people wonder how I stay in one store for 4 hours. That's why.
  9. i've had a wonderful experience with most of MAC's products, so usually, if i'm looking for a new product, i'll go there first. i don't have a problem branching out, though, and usually do so based on recommendations from here and makeup alley.
  10. I always buy when they have the special of "buy this and get these samples". I'm really bad about buying a ton and not using it. I've been good and not purchased anything during the past two Lancome specials. It killed me though. I mostly choose products through those samples and what I read in magazines. I will ask the salesperson for samples. If they are real stingy, that turns me off. when I ask for samples, I want to try out the product and will become a loyal customer. I guess sometimes they get sick of people asking for samples, but I always do. I always walk away with something.