Do you come here everyday?

  1. :wlae:Just curious.. I come about 3 or 4 times a week, mostly just read alot.. Now, who lives here? :yahoo:
  2. I live here! I come here several times a day. Especially when I SHOULD be doing homework. OOPS! Love you girls!
  3. I definitely live here. I've met such lovely ladies here!
  4. I definitely live here! I tend to be on here when the baby is sleeping or when she's having daddy time :smile:
  5. i used to come on here everyday... and spend hours reading threads and occasionally posting. but now, i don't have as much time... i think i check in at least 4-5 days a week, but i don't spend nearly as many hours here as i used to. i still love tpf, though!!!
  6. It's only been a week or so but I come many times a day. Although I love to learn about whats new and see everyone's collection, I love to hear about the history and story behind the bag.
  7. Yup! I'm more addicted to TPF than I am to purses!
  8. Yes, well I come on at least 5 days a week and try to post when something catches my eye, or someone has a lovely bag to show. I like this site because I am in the UK and I love reading about what is happening in the States and further afield!X
  9. Yes! :tup:
  10. I should be studying for a test that I have tomorrow. :wtf:Tomorrow.. Oh my.. I called into work so I could study, but I am not.. :cursing:PURSE FORUM!
  11. i can name some ppl who live here. lol!

    i chk pf everyday, but dont post everyday.
    sometimes i only post 1 reply or none at all.

    but then, somedays i am on here all day long posting left to right. hehe!
  12. I'm here almost every day. It is such a pleasant place to be.
  13. I'm here everytime i'm online, which is
  14. Yup haha!
  15. I live here too!