Do you colour your hair?

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  1. I was in the grocery store, in the drugstore area, and I saw a woman with amazing (really amazing!:love: ) hair reach over and scoop up a package of home hair colour.

    So. I just wanted to ask. Do you guys colour? If so, do you do it yourself, or do you have it done professionally?

    I've never had my hair professionally coloured. My natural hair colour is blonde, but not really pale blonde. I've sometimes used a few of those semi-permanent rinse things that wash right out.
  2. All the time. My hair hasn't been 'natural' since 7th grade!!!
  3. What product do you use, if you use a home one?
  4. Yes, I do. I like to use Feria by O'real or O'real's Preference.
  5. Same for me too! :lol:

    I get mine done at the salon though. I was blonde for many many many years until in the past year, I've gone 1 shade away from black. I couldn't tell you my natural color if it wasn't for my eyebrows :P
  6. Oh yeah!!!!
    I actually get comments on my hair all the time. For an older gal {31} w/ 3 kids I guess people don't expect me to have nice, healthy, long hair!
    I've used l'oreal Peference forever and use their Pro Euro haircare line Kerastase.
    Embarrassingly, I'm not sure what color my hair should be today, I'm guessing a med-lt brown{?}
    Here's me w/ my DD.
  7. I do highlights sometimes (summertime) or add a dash of copper (wintertime) just to not always look the same. I have never tried a total colour-change, like black or platinum. My natural haircolour is light brown, and I used to be blonde when I was a kid, so I guess my hair grows darker over the years.
  8. Your hair looks really pretty, Swanky!

    What would you recommend for blonde tones -- anyone? Is one product or colour better than another (to buy off the shelves) or is it better to have something done at a salon? It seems as though it's not possible to really get the shine and graduations in colour that I have been admiring without actually... colouring! Or.. what do you think?
  9. i actually just died my hair red a few days ago........i think if it's something u've been wanting to try you should go for long as you have healthy hair to begin with it shoudln't be a problem........i like coloring my hair at home just cuz i like to switch colors often

    i've found that the best brands for me for at-home coloring are garnier or feria.....they have the nicest colors and are the gentlest on my hair
  10. Thank you! I've tried 5-6 different brands are really prefer L'oreal, Feria is a great one too.
    If you want different shades of blonde, going to the salon would be best unless you think you're comfortable w/ using a brush and painting on streaks.
  11. No I dont ! ( not now anyway )
  12. Thanks guys, this is so helpful. I hear Feria a lot, so if I go non-Salon I am really going to look into this one. The colours seem nice, too -- and I like what you said, jc, about it being gentle.

  13. When it comes to streaks, unless you're really good at applying it yourself, it's best to have it done at a salon, otherwise you could end up looking like a skunk!
  14. I love dying my hair and constantly chaning how I look. Sometimes I stick to natural colors, and at other times.... For example, in the summer my hair went from black to purple (in layers so that when my hair was down you could just see purple tips in amidst black) then back to black and now it is streaked a reddish pink. Also, I have never dyed my hair myself...always go to the salon...just the fear of something goin wrong I guess
  15. I used to color my hair... highlights and lowlights... not anymore though. My brother's girlfriend is a hair stylist and a high-end salon here in the Twin Cities and she takes care of my hair. Just an FYI for those who use box colors - those are VERY damaging to your hair even if it feels like it's not hurting your strands so make sure you always condition (if you don't already do so). :o)