Do you Colour coordinate?

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  1. Today I am wearing my new CLS for the first time "Yeay"
    But as I was putting on my make up i syddenly became very uncertain about my bold pink lip and what Colour my clothes should be because of the red. Do you think about it??
  2. No I go by the color of the shoe not the sole.
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  3. Nope. I concentrate on the color of the shoe with what I'm wearing.
  4. Me too
  5. I always consider the red sole as a "highlight", it will go with anything. Because it HAS to! ;) I LOVE red.
  6. I always colour coordinate, but I've never matched the sole colour just shoe colour.

    I own alot of floral styles of I often pull a colour from the print to match either make up or shoes to etc.
  7. As others have said, I only coordinate the shoe color. The red is just an accent or a pop of color to me.
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  8. Yes, its the FUN part of wardrobe separates. Otherwise, there's no "challenge".

    Lately, I'm rockin' my leopard patent Hot Chick 130 with leopard earrings. Just got a couple of leopard print short shorts, and flare out mini skirt. Attached image is a great example of separates which mix beautifully.

    Attached Files:

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  9. I do color coordinate but it's easy because I only wear black, gray and white.
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