Do you collect shopping bags from high end stores.

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  1. I get excited knowing that I'm going to get the shopping bag as well as the goodies when I shop at high end stores. I love the ones from LV, Fendi, NM, SFA...I never throw them away. My husband works out of town a lot so everytime he comes home I have to hide them though. I don't want him knowing how much money I've been spending:nuts: .
  2. yes i love to collect shopping bag from luxuryu stores
  3. Me too!!! I love their shopping bags. Some of them are rather durable.
  4. I like to hang on to them too. I always use large Coach shopping bags to transfer hay from the big Oxbow Hay box to my bunnies.
  5. I love the LV shopping bags. They're durable.
  6. :blink::huh::P:lol::lol::lol: I did a double take but that is so cute!!
  7. yes I do I only keep one of each, burberry, chanel, Dior, Carolina Herrera (love the box and ribbon they use)
  8. Keep them, too. My mom gives me her's when she goes to high end stores. She knows I'm a pack rat. lol
  9. lol me too!

    i love to keep the bags! they're just sitting in my closet but i don't think i'd be able to recycle them!
  10. Haha, yeah, I suppose it is kinda cute :P . They're fairly sturdy and they hold a lot of hay:P . We buy the 25 pound box of hay, so I kinda can't drag it from my room, where Hailie (small brown rabbit) is and then all the way down to Dinah's room (She's a Flemish Giant rabbit, so she needs her own room :P ). So I just load up the Coach shopping bag every day and take care of them :P .
  11. I love your cute bunnies' names! Hailie... :love:
  12. I don't keep mine. I sold them on ebay before.. Amazingly, people actually buy them..
  13. Yes, I keep the really durable ones.
  14. I hang my LV shopping bag on my clothes rack behind the door. It makes me smile.. then I glance at my Speedy on my dresser and I can't stop grinning hehehh :biggrin:
  15. Aww, thanks! I named Hailie Jade after Eminem's daughter (he's my favorite music artist) and also because of the "hay" sound at the beginning of her name. She's a total hay freak, so that worked out well. Her middle name, Jade, has caused her to be stuck with all green stuff (since Jade is usually green). Poor bunny has a green cage, green dish, water bottle with green designs on it, green litterbox, etc...
    Dinah got her name (Dinah Helaine) because I thought that an old-fashioned name would suit a big bunny really well. I love saying her name (half the time, I end up saying it with a Southern accent for some reason :P ), but she seems to respond the most to being called "Big Girl."

    I feel like I kinda get to share my love of bags with them by transporting their hay in the shopping bag:P