Do you collect (keep) your perfume bottles after they're empty?

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  1. I can't remember if it was here that I saw a thread on Donatella Versace's perfume collection or another subforum. Anyway, she has every single bottle of perfume she's ever bought since she was 16. It got me thinking about the concept of collecting perfume bottles. I've always thrown out my old bottles but they are pieces of art in a way. Do you collect your perfume bottles or do you throw them away?
  2. I toss 'em out. I can appreciate that some people see them as art but for me I'm far more concerned with the fragrance inside than the actual bottle.
  3. I throw them out as well. I hardly keep anything, the more I throw in the trash can the less clutter there is in the house!
  4. ^ What she said. :yes:
  5. I don't keep them either.
  6. I totally do! But I also collect vanity trays. So........
  7. I don't throw them out, but......the boxes are usually so pretty and reflect the perfume that I have trouble throwing the boxes or can that perfume comes in out.
  8. When the bottle gets to the point where I can't squeeze anymore out, but there's still a little in the bottle....I take the spray nozzle off and put it in my drawers, such as bras and panties. What little is left releases into the air and makes everything smell pretty. :graucho::p:tup:

    But after a few weeks when all has been absorbed into the air I toss the bottles away.
  9. I only throw away a bottle if I get a replacement.
  10. I have yet to finish a bottle of perfume, but I'll probably keep the ones I like the designs of, or those with sentimental value (like my D&G Feminine, my first "adult" perfume).
  11. You sound like me! I get bored about half-way through a bottle, toss it and buy something else...
  12. I don't keep them. The less clutter the better.
  13. I keep them! They are pretty!
  14. Only the pretty ones.
  15. I don't keep them. I've got waaay to much clutter in my house!