Do you collect bags... like Shopping Bags?

  1. Shopping bags! Not regular bags!

    Like, I don't normally fit anything at Abercrombie, but I'll buy a couple of stupid tshirts just to get their bags that are plastered with the gorgeous guys' defined torsos! haha :nuts:

    Or a couple of Decembers ago (2004 I think), Express had their uber cute brown bags WITH the red ribbon attached to the bag so you can give it as a gift immediately! I thought that was so cute I asked for like 5 bags, for the 5 things I bought, even though 3 of the 5 were for one person, and the other 2 were for myself. haha! :nuts:

    Just recently I saw the shopping bags for Baby Gap! OMG! THE cutest bags EVER! They're dark brown on the outside (like LV) with white lettering, and on top of the Baby Gap logo is a little white teddy bear! And on the inside it looked like those high-end multicolor striped wallpaper, and the bag had a dark brown ribbon tied to it. SO Adorable! I kinda wanna buy some stupid lil baby shoes or clothes just for the shopping bag (and sell the clothes on ebay or return them later)!! haha.

    I have a whole section dedicated to shopping bags from all my shopping trips, from all the designer stores (I have a HUGE Burberry shopping bag cuz I bought a piece of luggage as a gift, and asked for an extra bag :biggrin:) to all the regular stores and clothing stores and such.. even stores I don't normally shop in I'll keep the bags to..

    Of course, when my friends come over they think I just had a huge shopping spree that very day, cuz I keep them all tucked under my computer desk-converted to-TV stand... lol.

    So who else shares my uhh.. obsession to collect shopping bags? Who do you think has cute/great looking shopping bags now that you can share?
  2. i looooove shopping bags. i bought a pair of shoes at the new intermix in atlanta over the weekend and they have beautiful bags - pure white with the logo in hot pink and a pink and white pattern on the inside. plus really nice pink fabric handles that are comfortable to carry in your hand and long enough to put over your shoulder. i also have one from Barney's co-op that i really like because it's got graffiti on it.
  3. Never have, but I remember a few times there were some bags I really liked more than know...they just catch your eyes
  4. I love collecting shopping bags. However, i don't just buy something i don't even like just b/c of the bags. hehehheh. I usually use the small paper bags to put my lunch in there any bring to work. So i always need new bag to replace the old ones. The fav. shopping lunch bag is the Saks bag. Very durable.
    Also, if you guys notice, under most paper bag, there's always a fine line that says: "Please reuse this bag."
    So i guess it's really meant to be saved and reused.
  5. i don't collect them, i just resuse and recycle them, out of habit.
  6. I do this all so , if the bag is cute
  7. I keep them. Some designers have really nice bags. I really like the Prada one, white is my favorite color.
  8. frozen, this thread is so great! thanks! now i don't have to be embarrassed anymore b/c i have loads of shopping bags too :P it started way back when benetton had those transparent-plastic-green-drawstring-wear-around-the-torso bag. and i'm pretty sure i still have a few of them :Push:
    my faves were the Saks holiday silver, banana republic holiday silver and bloomies marc jacobs holiday (with all the lips) shopping bags :shame:
  9. I love shopping bags. I keep the designer ones. Definitely collect the holiday ones. They are all over the place ... in multiple closets. (Must rescue some from the basement!):amazed:

    I don't have a favorite but the Gucci ones are quite nice, very sturdy and sleek; and who doesn't love Hermes? I have huge ones from Goyard, Burberry and Emporio Armani. I use those to store my bags.

    There was a recent article in the NYT about shopping at Barneys ... with a "comment" about Barneys shopping bags (which do not last at all)....

    Critical Shopper; Seeking Retail Therapy In a Temple of Fashion
    April 6, 2006, Thursday
    By ALEX KUCZYNSKI (NYT); Thursday Styles
    Late Edition - Final, Section G, Page 1, Column 2, 1414 words
    DISPLAYING FIRST 50 OF 1414 WORDS -A PAINFULLY stylish friend recently stopped by my apartment. Her handbag had broken on the street, and she wondered if I had a shopping bag to hold the contents. Peering into the cabinet where we keep such things, I saw two choices folded on the shelf. I could send...
  10. I only keep my LV bags.

    I do keep a Macys bag for my cat. For some strange reason, he likes to sleep and hide in them. :wacko:
  11. No, you're just completely mad, get yourself locked up now and name me as the responsible adult in charge of, ooo say f'instance, your shopping bags. :evil:

    'Course I do, everyone does who has space!;) :lol:

  12. haha! thats sooo cute! :lol:

    me, i dont really collect but keep the ones that are pretty, then re-use them.
  13. I love the small Victoria's Secret bags. They are great lunch bags.
  14. wow, i save the shopping bags too but my mom thinks it's kinda strange.
  15. i use to until my mom had her house remodeled and i had to do some major cleaning.. since then, i haven't really kept any. i figure, if i shop there often enough, there is no need to keep the shopping bag as i'll always get more.