Do you collect art?

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  1. Do you collect art or have a fav artist? Would love to hear!:flowers:
  2. My collection includes:
  3. The only real piece of art I've acquired to date is from an artist who does a lot of 'Dia De Los Muertos' works. We have one of his pictures hanging in our house.

    This picture is called 'Bienvenidos'. I really like it because where their hearts are it is still red, as the artist told us, love never dies.

    The picture was also put on a flyer to commemorate the celabration in Petaluma, CA.
    dia de los muertos resized.jpg
  4. No, but I would love to. My grandfathers first wife Inga is a painter, and her painting are gorgeous! my mom has a few, I need to buy one from her. (or convince her to give me one) lol
  5. That pic is beautiful thanks for sharring. Keep them comming ladies!:smile:
  6. My parents are avid art collectors... my favorites of their collection are the Jose Clemente Orozoco paintings, a Nolde woodblock, and Francis Picabia paintings. My dad has given me a few pieces by moderately well-known contemporary artists which grace my college beer-keg-party apartrment... doesn't quite match our box-wine stained furniture...
  7. My father has been painting for years and I only have his pictures on my walls.
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