Do you collect any specific items?

  1. I'm wondering if anyone here collects specific things, like pochettes or keyrings or everything from one line (e.g cerises) or a specific model (e.g speedy)???

    I'm thinking of maybe starting a keyring/cles collection, a) because they're relatively affordable and b) coz they're just so darn CUTE!!!:tender:

    What about you??? Any collections?
    What would you like to own a collection of?
  2. I collect LV in general but specifically, vintage LV luggage.
  3. I collect Cherry Blossom items. I think I want to start collecting accessories (bracelets, etc.) too.
  4. I ended up collecting speedy bags!:lol: Half, or should I say MOST of them were bought after I joined PF!:censor: :lol:
  5. ^Love your speedy collection!!!
  6. Ditto! Love, your Speedy collection!

    I have a few of the Cles keyrings and a few LV vernis VIP bracelets: fuchsia, red & bronze and two Cherry Blossom bracelets.

    I also have a number of LV bandanas.
  7. I have a little collection of pochettes going. I only have 3 so far, but hope to add more!! There just so cute!!
  8. Irene your speedy collection is awesome!!!
    I LOVE the shape!!!
  9. I've got two Cles so far, and I think I may start buying at least a Cles from future collections just to have some little piece of each collection.
  10. Thank you, ladies!!!:love:
    I also have a few pochettes (but I must say that I just like to collect LV in general):
  11. Now it's my turn to WOW at your collection! :lol: :love:

    I have dabbled into collecting cles and pochettes, but it's not too serious.
  12. I used to collect pochette cleses but I sold most of them. They were not getting used as much as I would have liked. I just collect LV in general.
  13. Fuchsia vernis (the rare pieces), used to collect Cherry Blossom accessories- now I only have a PMP left, and speedy's from different lines. I'd like to have a cles from a bunch of different lines, but like mentioned above, they don't get used enough. I sold a lot of my cles. but I'll probably buy them back eventually.
  14. I love collecting LV in general but I really love getting the discontinued and rare pieces like my millenium agenda and bracelet or discontinued colors!
  15. Possibly Speedys but I only have a couple (Keepall 50, White MC, Black MC, my mom's vintage 30, Cerises and I'll be getting the Damier 25 soon and the Silver Miroir one when it comes out.)
    Overall though I collect all styles shapes, whatever, of LV but especially Pochettes! I'll be adding the Silver and Gold Miroir ones when they come out..and if the Damier Azure line will have a pochette styled one, I'll be getting that as well :heart: