Do you close your birkin?

  1. As I was picking up my bag and on the way out the door, I had to come back and board is as addicitive as bags.....I have been meaning to ask:

    When you carry your birkin, do you close it everytime....or do you leave it open?

    I leave mine open with the flap tucked up against the back. It drives DH crazy for some reason. First he asked, aren't you going to ruin the flap? When I assured him it was fine, he then said....well then why don't you just get a tote?

    I just find it so much easier to get in and out of this way. What about you ladies?
  2. i leave it open with the flap inside. i close it when i go thru xrays(?) in the airport.......
  3. I leave mine open with the flap against the back, but with the straps together in front.
  4. *sniffle* Don't have one for reference but when I had my Kelly, I always closed it. If I get a Birkin, I think I'll either close it (I'm anal-retentive) or if I leave it open I'll tug in the flap to the back of the bag and still put the strap in place on the turnkey. I cannot imagine myself walking with the flap and straps schlepping about.
  5. This is what I do.

    Truthfully, Kou, if you have a new Birkin that has not softened, it takes a LOOOONG time to close it properly. Way longer than a Kelly.
    Hmm, I should time myself!
  6. Are they really stiff regardless of leather?:flowers:
  7. Ditto to Gina & GT's response; and I find that the top is equally stiff among Togo, Fjord, and Chevre because that seam on top is so firm and the fact that you have not just one flap--like the Kelly--to deal with but three smaller "separate" ones.
  8. ^ The flap of my Togo Birkin (a souple leather) has to be hand-fitted properly through all of the belt hooks and over the handle. But first you have to tighten the straps to get the flap to fit over the bag, again, properly position the flap, then hook the belts into the guides only to be finiished by fitting the belts over the turnlock and tightening. It's quite the to-do!
    I love the look of a Birkin worn open so you can see the H stamp. :smile:
  9. Right-o! :yes: :yes:
  10. well, I also keep me closed, my Birkin is in togo, so i don't really have a hard time closing it... but I think leaving it open does save time though
  11. I don't have a kelly or birkin yet, but this is good info:P
  12. Oh wow ... I guess if I try to close my bag everytime, people around me will probably get pretty frustrated with me ... Ok, opened and tugged it is - once I get it
  13. I normally leave it open with the flap tucked inside. When I travel though, I close it just for security's sake.
  14. I think I have only seen a Birkin closed twice and both times the bag looked really strange to me. It looks so much better when it is open like a tote.
  15. I've noticed this with the birkins I've been shown in-store..takes the sa forever to put the bag back together, especially with those gloves!