Do you clean your Balenciaga Bag Hardware? particularly, old bags!

  1. Hi girls!

    I know most of us clean/condition the leather on our bbags.. but do any of you clean the hardware?

    ie: brass/bronze cleaners on the studs, bales? or silver cleaners on the silver tags or silver hardware for the 2004 summer bags ??

    Let me know!! =) :flowers:
  2. I've never cleaned the hardware before- what's going on with your hardware? is it oxidizing or something? post pics, please!
  3. hmmmmmmmmm, that's a good question, i never thought about it before (?) :confused1:
  4. one of my oldest bags (as in i use it the most)... a white weekender.. i brought it along to travels (Canada when it's cold.. BKK when it's warm as hell.and also i brought it to the beach.. :graucho: ) so i tihnk the brass might have oxidised.. there's this metallic smell..... =( ...

    pics can't seem to capture anything.. cuz the hardware is pretty much the samecolour as it was before.. there's just the smell now...

    i was thinking about cleaning it... but how?
  5. I've never thought about it either. I use sunshine polishing cloths on my LV brass but I'm not sure what they would do to B hardware.
  6. maybe i should try?? could shine up the Bbag brass hardware.. hehe...
  7. I wouldn't. The hardware comes with a beautiful patina. My Marron has brass hardware which is darker, but the round tips of the studs has naturally taken a clearer patina. I dont thnk you could get that evel of detail by using brass polish.
    Just let your hardware evolve as you wear the bag, they age beautifully!
  8. maybe rub with some oil or something? a damp cloth? something very gentle... if it bothers you. I've never cleaned the hardware before, so I dont have any experience to go with for balenciagas. with other vintage bags- I tried baby wipes and it was OK. just use something very gentle would be my suggestion... and email LP
  9. hmm... it's not the LOOk of the oxidised brass that bothers me.. it's the smell......

    i'm an anal bloodhound when it comes to scents..... oxidised metal, cigarette smoke, sweaty men that don't wear cologne... hehe
  10. sigh. one of my silver hardware corner is turning yellow!help!!