Do you choose which Chloe to wear with your outfit??

  1. ... or do you choose which outfit to wear with your Chloe??? :yes::yes::yes:

    I coordinated an entire outfit around my blanc paddy and wedges,
    only now I am re-thinking the wisdom of carrying a white bag when
    I am going to a wine bar :sad:

    Which means I will have to change everything, even my jewelry.:shame:

    Does the madness never end?? :nuts:
  2. no the madness doesnt end ;) - but neither does the great feeling :biggrin:
  3. :lol: nope! I often do that. I'll change an outfit so I can wear a certain handbag. It usually only happens when I am going someplace where I'll be spending most of my time carrying the bag. In this case it wouldn't be my paddingtons since they are too heavy to carry for an entire "standing" (instead of sitting).

    What I do more though, is buy accessories to match my purses!
  4. OMG, I thought I was the only one!!! lOL!!! My life revolved around my Mousse Paddy this summer! Funny thing was that no matter what I put on, it looked fabulous with Mousse!
  5. I do both but lately it's change outfit to match bag. :lol: If I get a great pair of shoes I will change my outfit to match them. It just depends on what item I'm obsessed with and want to show off. :yes:

    But I do the same thing as you ladies, I buy accessories to match my purse/shoes!
  6. I am so glad I am not alone :yes:

    I ended up changing from blanc to choco with matching shoes and
    then had to change everything else to go with :shame:

    Since I managed NOT to spill wine anywhere near my bag I deeply
    regretted having left blanc at home.

    I only saw one other Chloe on Santana Row tonight, a style I am not
    familiar with. Plus a lot of cool cars :love:
  7. Maybe just as well you left Miss Blanc at home; she might covet the cool cars!
  8. I have to admit I usually begin with choosing a paddy, and then the clothing that coordinates with it :smile:

    ...Now I've been desperatelly searching for some cute cream longer top or tunic as it would be perfect to wear with my taupe paddy as I'd love the colour combination! :biggrin:

    Hmwe - I'm too scared to take any of my paddys with me if I'm going somewhere where's alcohol and / or lots of people :lol: And then I'm sad when I have some boring bag with me all night when I'm in some partys or bar... :Push:
  9. I found the perfect longish tunic to go with ALL my paddies!

    It's a dark 'mousse' color in a silk/rayon blend so it's very drapy but it
    has a tye at the mid breast point that can be used to make it very fitted.

    The best part is the little embroidered flowers at the neckline in a pale
    pinkish cream, a light chocolate, and more mousse colors. Perfect for
    my three paddies!! :yahoo:

    I found it at Ted Baker on Santana Row but you might be able to find one
    online. They also came in a base rose color that might be the perfect
    backdrop for your craie Sonja! :yes:

  10. omg that tunic sounds heavenly..!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
    Material, style and colours sound all just perfect, hmwe can I borrow your clothes..? and the louboutins aswell (they're now on all the magz here) :P :rolleyes:
  11. Come on over!! My closet is your closet!! I have some cool stuff that I never get to use and it's a shame to have it sit in the dark all day :P

  12. hehee I'll keep that in mind, one day you'll might find me from your closet! :P :graucho:
    Both tunic colour options sound lovely and I cant resist embroideries & silk... I'll need to keep my eyes open for ted baker :nuts:
  13. I usually look to my chloes first before any of the other bags.

    The chloe madness never ends... LOL i want more! (nutmeg:idea:)