Do You Chew Gum ? Keeping Your Breath Fresh !!

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  1. I'm not afraid of the dentist so i go often for cleaning, I brush after each meal and always carry a pack of mints.

    How do you keep your breath fresh ?
  2. Besides brushing & flossing, I carry a small bottle of listerine with me at all times.
  3. I love the dentist too and think it's really important to keep those teeth healthy as a first step.

    Aside from that, I keep sugar free gum and mints on me at all times. I also have some mint flavored gloss from bath and bodyworks.
  4. Me too! :smile:
  5. I always have floss & gum on me, and I keep a small bottle of mouthwash in my desk at work.
  6. I LOVE the Beauty Rush minty lip shine from Victoria Secret =) It seems like its infused w/ Listerine. I wish it didnt have petroleum in it though. Thats extremely unmoisturizing on our skin. But,I still luv it!
    And, sugar free gum of course.
  7. Hydration is key for keeping the bacteria in the mouth at bay, so I drink a lot of water and occasionally SMINTS to refresh my breath.

    Oh, a Sonicare, dental floss and a tongue scraper is crucial for my dental hygiene too. ;)
  8. i either have a pack of gum or some lifesaver mints..
  9. Brush my teeth three or four times a day and always have Orbit gum with me
  10. i brush and floss after each meal. i only chew gum when im bored.
  11. Another Sonicare lover isn't it great!
  12. ^:yes:
  13. I always have sugar free gum and mints. I collect mints in cute tins.
    mint tins.JPG
  14. I always have Extra Polar Ice in my bag! And I'm a Sonicare lover too.
  15. I always have mint sugar-free gum in my bag!