Do You Check The Labels ?

  1. Do you check the labels on food at the grocery store ?

    Do you think the labels make a difference ?
  2. I have to to check for things I am allergic to... but I am not a fan of calorie checking etc. I had so many friends that live by that and I think it makes you think way too much about what you are doing, rather than just enjoying food and using it as fuel for your body
  3. Yes !! MSG is out, there's a lot of it in chips - but then again, chips are pretty bad irregardless.

    When I was running today, the news ticker said that a US poll stated 80% of Americans read the labels on food, but 44% will still buy a food that is bad for them.
  4. I don't usually read the labels but i do check for the saturated fat on some foods because i've been trying to watch my weight.I seemed to gain weight pretty fast these past couple of months, so i have to make sure i eat these things that are beneficial to my body rather than eating just alot of junk.
  5. most of the time i don't check the food content label but i do check for its expiry date. for myself, if i want to eat something, i don't bother. :smile:
  6. when I'm choosing btwn two things yes.. I'll pick the one that's healthier most of the time.

    If it's a package of twinkies however, I mentally block out the nutrition label. I figure it's better NOT to know in that case :lol:
  7. I realized that most times if I go for low fat items that are replacements for reg. fat items the cals are the same, since they replace fat with other stuff like sugar...=(. Since that I stopped looking for low fat stuff and only try to buy/eat 'natural' items.
  8. I usually only check the labels to see about the cholesterol, saturated fat, and trans fat contents. Before I started losing weight, I had really high cholesterol.
  9. Absolutely! I stay away from High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated foods, MSG or any kind of preservative/flavor enhancer. I also look at the fat to calorie ratio and sugar content. So needless to say I buy more from the perimeter of the store than in the aisles cause thats where all the preservatives are!
  10. I only focus on how many grams of sugar.
  11. Most definitely. I think it's also important to read the ingredient list to see what the first ingredient is.
  12. Always without fail. Just to see what the manufacturer sets as a serving size, fiber content, as well as how much sugar and fat.
  13. Yes, definitely. I check sodium and fat content. I have high BP so I have to.
  14. I always check the labels on everything!!
  15. I'm a label reader! It takes me forever at the grocery store!